Hello Circle Game

Practice introductions in a circle.
Target levelES
Activity time10 minutes
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  1. Tell the homeroom teacher that you will need an open space with chairs for every student.
  2. Make sure the homeroom teacher understands his/her role in the game.


  1. Have the students sit with chairs in a circle.
  2. The ALT starts the game by going up to one student and introducing themselves by saying: “My name is Mr. ALT.
  3. The student replies: "My name is Japanese Student. Nice to meet you.”
  4. Mr. ALT and Japanese Student shake hands.
  5. That student stands up and introduces him/herself to another sitting student.
  6. The ALT does the same.
  7. At this point, there will be 4 people standing (ALT and 3 students).
  8. These 4 go to 4 people sitting and introduce themselves.
  9. This continues until all the students are standing.
  10. At this point, the JTE gives a signal (blow a whistle, shake a tambourine) and the students and ALT have to find a chair to sit in.
  11. The student left standing is now the one to start the cycle again.

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