Hello Goodbye

Listen to and sing Hello Goodbye.
Target levelES 2 - JHS 3
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Listen to and sing Hello Goodbye.


  1. Listen to The Beatles - Hello Goodbye (Magical Mystery Tour track 7). When the boys hear hello, they stand up (or if they're standing up they sit down). When the girls hear goodbye, they stand up (or if they're standing up they sit down. For elementary 2nd-4th graders, do this twice, switching roles (at the beginning and end of class, say).
  2. Sing Hello Goodbye refrain. Teach the words by repetition with gestures.
    • Oh no! Grab your head with both hands.
    • You say goodbye. Wave goodbye.
    • And I say hello. Shake hands.
    • Hello hello. Shake hands larger.
    • I don't know why- Shrug shoulders.
    • -you say goodbye. Wave goodbye.
    • I say hello. Shake hands.
  3. Sing verse 1.
    • You say yes. Thumbs up.
    • I say no. Thumbs down.
    • You say stop. 'Dame' X.
    • And I say go go go. March three steps on go go go.
  4. Sing verse 2.
    • I say high. Put hands up high.
    • You say low. Put hands down low.
    • You say why. Put arms by body in 'W' shape.
    • And I say I don't know. Turn head abruptly right-left-right on I-don't-know.
  5. Sing verse 3.
    • Why why why why why- Put up one hand and count to five, one for each 'why'.
    • -do you say goodbye, goodbye? Wave goodbye twice.


  • For 2nd and 3rd grade elementary students, maybe just the refrain is enough, because the verses are a little more difficult.
  • For 5th grade elementary through 3rd grade junior high, teach the refrain and the first verse in the same day, and likewise verses 2 and 3.
  • Encourage students to walk around and shake hands with whoever they like (on 'hello'), starting from 'go go go'.

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