How Are You, Mr. Wolf

Students ask a wolf how he is and are chased when he's hungry.
Target levelES 1 - 3
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  1. Tell the homeroom teacher that you need to use the gym, or that you want to play outside.
  2. If you play outside, make sure to mark off boundaries: Start line, Finish Line, Center, line.


  1. All the students in the chorus start on one side of the room against the wall.
  2. The wolf is across the room at the other wall.
  3. The goal is to reach the wolf’s wall before being eaten.
  4. Students in chorus ask the Wolf, “Mr. Wolf, How are you?”
  5. The wolf replies, “ I’m________.”
  6. The wolf performs the gestures to go with the emotion.
  7. The students take 2 regular size steps forward. (The size of the step needs to be explained before the game.)
  8. The class repeat the question with the wolf answering with the various emotions.
  9. When the wolf feels the students are in close enough range to catch but not to close to tag the wolf or the wall, the wolf replies with, “I’m hungry!”
  10. From this point, the wolf is "it" and tries to tag as many students in the chorus as possible. Students who manage to touch the wall or the wolf before he says, "I’m hungry" are safe for that round.
  11. The students in the chorus flee back to the start line.
  12. The student the wolf catches becomes the wolf.


  • The rules for the chasing part also need to be gone over before the game. Students need to understand that they are to run straight back to the starting point not around in circles. This way there is an end to the chasing part of the game.


  • The wolf catches as many as possible and those students join the wolf in the next round. This second version allows for students who might not be comfortable speaking by themselves.

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