Class atmosphere is an essential part of learning a foriegn language and warm-ups are the perfect time to set a good class atmosphere each day. In order to teach the warm-up section well, you need to balance structure with variation.

  • If you do the same thing everyday, the students will get bored.
  • If you do entirely different things everyday, the students will get confused.

For JHS English, it is good to have at least three warm-up activities in each class.

  1. The first warm-up activity should remain the same everyday. Ideally, it should be an activity that students can do all by themselves. By having your students start the class instead of the teachers, it gets the students involved and gives them an active role in learning.
  2. The second warm-up activity should vary from day to day. Ideally, you will have several options available for each day. Some days classes are high energy and some days classes are low energy. You never really know how the class will be until you arrive in the classroom. So you should be prepared to teach a high energy warm-up or a low energy warm up depending on the class' mood.
  3. The third warm-up activity should vary from time to time. Ideally, it gives students a chance to practice new material and make use of old material.


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