Making an elementary school box

Having an elementary school box makes life easier. It is unwise to rely on the elementary schools to provide you what you need. Sometimes you have access to a desk, the internet, and a computer. Sometimes there is a huge supply of teaching materials. Other times there is not. At some schools, you will be busy from the second you arrive until the time you go home, while at other schools you will have hours of prep time. If you have your own materials, you don't have to rely on the elementary schools for anything.

Don't worry about making your box all at once. Buy a big plastic box and slowly fill it up as the need arises.

Good things to have in your box

  • School Notebooks. Buy a notebook for each school you visit so that you can take notes on what you did and how the students responded. After each day teaching at a particular leave yourself a little time to reflect. Make a few notes about what would be good to do next time.
  • A Cheap Pair of Indoor Shoes.
  • Cards.
    • Color Cards.
    • Number Cards.
    • Sports Cards.
    • Job Cards.
    • Weather Cards.
    • Animal Cards.
  • Karuta.
    • Color Karuta.
    • Number Karuta.
    • Animal Karuta.
  • CDs.
    • Kids songs.
    • Popular songs.
    • Chilling out music.
    • Phonics.
  • Random Items.
    • Frisbee.
    • Ball.
    • A big paper clock.
    • A stop watch.
    • 2 large dice and many small dice.
    • Small tokens of different colors.
    • Small stickers.
    • 2 flyswatter.
    • Magnets.
    • Gym clothes.

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