Ōdate Shōnen Shizen no Ie

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Ōdate Shōnen Shizen no Ie
Ōdate as seen from the Youth House

The Ōdate Shōnen Shizen no Ie (大館少年自然の家; Odate Youth Outdoor Learning Center), also known as One Park Ōdate (ワンパーク大館), is a public facility in Odate which hosts various nature excursions and overnight events which require lodging.

Most importantly for ALTs, Odate Youth Outdoor Learning Center serves as the location for Odate English Camps.

Name Odate Youth Outdoor Learning Center
Name (Japanese) 大館少年自然の家
Location Ōdate
Telephone ☎ 0186-43-3174
Fax 0186-43-3175
Website http://www.pref.akita.lg.jp/pages/genre/oodate-sizen
Email ✉one-park@pref.akita.lg.jp
Address (Japanese) 〒017-0023 秋田県大館市東字岩神沢31
Address Iwagamisawa Azuma, Odate, Akita Prefecture 017-0023


The Odate Youth Outdoor Learning Center has various facilities available for use by visitors:

  • Showers / Baths
  • Washrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Gymnasium
  • Various multipurpose rooms
  • Lodging
  • etc.

The large front hall is also equipped with various games, puzzles, and playthings.


Example bedding put away at Ōdate Shōnen Shizen no Ie. The door is to the right.
Instructions for how to put away bedding. Notice the diagram in the bottom right (the door is to the left in the diagram).

The Odate Youth Outdoor Learning Center provides multiple 12-person rooms for lodging. Beds are alcoves against the wall (three double-bunks per side) the size of one tatami mat each. All bedding is provided.

Sheets and pillow covers are washed regularly, but the other bedding is not. As such, you should always make sure to apply the sheets properly!

Be aware that the Odate Youth Outdoor Learning Center is not a hotel, and they expect guests to properly return the bedding to the appropriate layout after each use. While a picture is provided in each room of the proper layout, it's recommended to leave one set of bedding untouched as a reference. Guests are asked to re-do their bedding layout if it's not done properly.

For reference, the folding procedure is as follows, from bottom to top:

  1. The three-sectioned mattress pad should be folded (correctly along the creases) such that it folds out towards the door.
  2. The three-sectioned futon should be folded the same way as the mattress pad in 1.
  3. The cover should be folded in half short-ways, then folded in half long-ways; it should be placed on top of the futon such that the folded corner which corresponds to the middle of the cover is facing towards the door, away from the wall
  4. The futon pad should be folded and placed as the cover in 3.
  5. The pillow should sit on top
  6. If the heavy blanket was used, it should be folded four times short-ways and returned to the cubby in the alcove such that the edges are facing in.

Sheets and pillow covers should be turned in to the laundry room for washing.


〒017-0023 秋田県大館市東字岩神沢31
31 Iwagamisawa Azuma, Odate, Akita Prefecture 017-0023

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