A Glass of Milk

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New Horizon 2 (2021) pg. 100-102

A Glass of Milk
Word count318
BookNew Horizon

Once, a poor young boy was selling candy door-to-door. He was earning money to go to school. He was very hungry, but he had only a few coins.
The boy went to a house to sell candy. He knocked on the door and a woman opened it. She said, "I have no money for candy." She was not well-off herself.
When the boy was about to leave, the woman said, "Wait." She felt sorry for him because he looked very hungry. So she brought him a glass of milk.

When he finished drinking the milk, the boy felt much better. He took the coins out of his pocket, and said, "Thank you for the milk." The woman replied, "You don't need to pay. We don't need money for kindness." Before he left, she said, "Be strong, young man, and you'll have a great future." Thanks to her kindness, the boy felt stronger than before, and walked away with a smile.
After that day, the woman sometimes wondered about the boy. She hoped he was doing well.

The years went by and the woman got old. One day, she felt ill and fell down in front of her house. The local doctor could not help her, so he sent her to a big hospital in the city.
The doctors had to give her an operation right away. When she woke up, she was happy to be alive. Then she realized, "I have no money for this operation. What should I do?"

The next day, a doctor came to her room. He had an envelope in his hand. He gave it to her and said, "Here's your bill for the operation." She was afraid to look inside. He smiled and said, "Open it, please." Inside there was a note. It said, "Paid in full, with one glass of milk." Then she looked up and recognized the boy in the doctor.

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Taken from the New Horizon's teachers manual.





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