A Vulture and a Child

New Crown English Series 3 (2021) appendix pg. 7-10

Sudan is a large country in northeast Africa. It is a country with great promise. It also has great problems.
For many years, the people of Sudan have suffered from war and hunger. Kevin Carter went there to work as a photographer. He wanted the world to see the problems of Sudan.
One day Carter saw a child on the ground. He knew why the child was there. She was so hungry that she could not move. Suddenly, a vulture appeared and approached the girl. He took a photo. The photo appeared in newspapers all over the world. He won a Pulitzer Prize for it.

At first, this seemed like a good thing. The photograph shocked people around the world. They were suddenly aware of the problems that the people of Sudan faced. The world could help them. The people of Sudan could help themselves. Many hungry people got the food they needed. In this view, the photograph and the photographer did their jobs. Many lives were saved.
There was another view. Many people agreed that the photograph was certainly shocking. The photographer's actions also shocked them. The child was weak. She was dying. She was in need. However, the photographer took a photograph instead of helping her right away. They thought that this was wrong because we should always help people in need.
Mr. Carter had to make a tough decision between doing his work and helping the child. He chose to take the photograph. What do you think of his decision? What would you do?

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