Akita New JET 2012 Welcome Dinner

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Akita JET Welcome Party

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Hi everyone!

We are holding a big party to welcome all the new JETs in Akita. The event will be a good opportunity to celebrate the arrival of our new friends and to come together as a JET community.

In a nutshell:

  • Akita JET Welcome Party at Sanbōen cabin, Yuri Honjo (See below for directions)
  • Saturday, September 1st
  • 2000 yen entry (includes accommodation AND taco rice for dinner)
  • Beer, chuhai and non-alcoholic drinks will be sold
  • Live performances, DJs and a big PA system
  • Party kicks off at 6pm
  • Cabin check out time 9am Sunday

Further details: We're renting out the entire cabin and its 3 bedrooms (6-12 people per room). The ALTs from Akita city, Yokote and Odate have each booked a room for their group. If there's still space and you would like to stay in one of those rooms please message me, Wil Lentze at final_orbit@hotmail.com as soon as possible. Otherwise, a lot of us will just be crashing in the main tatami room (30+ people).

There will be an entrance fee of 2000 yen to cover food, lodging and to raise money for volunteerAKITA - one of two non-profit charties run by ALTs in the prefecture.

We'll start serving food around 7pm. There'll be taco rice (with beef/pork mince) as well as some savoury treats on offer. Please Email me if you would like us to prepare a vegetarian dish on the night. Beer and chuhai will be sold at 300 yen for a can. Non-alcoholic drinks will be 200 yen. I will ask people to kindly not put their own drinks in the kitchen fridges at the cabin as the party organisers need the space.

Finding the Sanbōen cabin at night can be a little tricky so I would recommend arriving at the venue while there's still daylight. A number of ALTs will be there from 2pm onwards. New JETs, many of your sempais attended the Goodbye party in July so they will be able to help you find the place. If anyone will be going to Ugo Honjo by train and doesn't have a lift to the site let me know well in advance so I can organise rides from the station.

The Sanbōen parties keep getting bigger and better with each successive event. Proceeds from the event will go towards the volunteerAKITA Scholarship Fund in support of orphans on the east coast of Japan.

Feel free to invite friends. It's going to be an epic night.

Hope you can make it!

Wil and the volunteerAKITA team

Directions: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=205586208265737694135.0004ab7104ad07a773b4a&ie=UTF8&z=14&vpsrc=0

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