Annual Taiko Workshop

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The Taiko Workshop is an event held every year by the Akita Taiko Foundation aimed at educating the community about traditional taiko drumming.

Taiko enthusiasts from all over the ken (and some from farther still) gather for this annual workshop. Classes are available for players of all ability levels. Participants with any taiko experience OR any musical experience are encouraged to take the "New Song" course, in which everyone learns a multi-instrumental full piece in two days. Sheet music is provided, or you can learn by ear. Other classes cover the odaiko, bamboo flute, and beginning technique for the chudaiko.

Most participants opt to spend the night in the Oga Seiko Grand Hotel as part of the experience. There is a huge enkai on Saturday night which culminates in an impromptu drunken performance. Highly recommended.

2012 Workshop

Dates: March 10 (Sat) 12:30pm to March 11 5:00pm. Check in is from 11:00 ~ 12:30 on the 12th.
Workshop Cost: ¥10,000, includes lunch on Sunday. Small discount for those who enroll with their taiko group.
Accommodation and enkai cost: ¥ 10,000, includes dinner and breakfast
Application deadline: Feb. 29 2012

  • Detailed information about last year's (2011) event can be found here.
  • Here is last year's (2011) application

Application forms are usually available to JETs in mid-January. To inquire about this event please email info at

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