Christmas Presents

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New Horizon Book 2 (Shōwa 59)

Christmas Presents
Word count321
BookNew Horizon

John and Susan were a young couple. They were poor, but they were happy, because they loved each other very much.
On the morning of Christmas Eve, when John was leaving for work, Susan said to him, "Can you come home early this evening?"
"All right," said John. "I'll be back by six o'clock."
After lunch Susan went to town. She went into a watch shop.
"I want to buy a watch chain," she said to the clerk.

On his way home from work, John wanted to buy a Christmas present for Susan. But he did not have enough money. "I want to buy a comb for Susan. She has beautiful long hair," he though. "How can I get the money?" He though and thought.
There were a lot of people on the streets. Many of them were doing Christmas shopping.
John went into a watch shop.
"May I help you?" said the clerk.
"I want to sell this watch," John said to the clerk.

When John came home, Susan said to him, "I have a present for you. Shall I give it to you now?"
"Yes, please," said John. "I'll give you mine, too."
"Will you close your eyes, John?" said Susan.
"All right," he said.
When he opened his eyes, he saw a gold chain on the table.
"That's my present for you, John," said Susan. "You didn't have a chain for your watch."
"Oh Susan!" said John. "I'm very happy! And I'm very sorry, too!"
"Why? Tell me, John!"

"I sold my watch," said John.
"To buy this present for you."
He took a box out of his pocket.
"Here you are."
Susan opened the box quickly. There was a beautiful comb in it.
"You have such beautiful hair. You needed a new comb."
"I sold my hair to buy the chain for you!" said Susan.
They looked at each other for some time. Then they smiled.

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