Common problems for ALTs (JHS)

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  1. ALTs aren't trained to teach English according to the Japanese curriculum, so it can be hard for us to prepare good activities at the appropriate time. In order to solve this problem, the grammar points have been divided into grades and presented roughly in the order that they are usually taught. At the top of each grammar point page, you will find a description of that grammar point. Knowing the names of the grammar points is very useful when communicating with JTEs.
  2. ALTs are often trapped into the role of serving as a tape recorder. We aren't asked to say things we would naturally say, but instead handed scripts taken from the New Horizons or Sunshine textbooks and asked to recite them. This is a very passive role that can be frustrating. In the Content-Based Activity Section, you will find Lesson Plans designed to give ALTs a more active role in interacting with these text books.

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