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Hanabi: Akita's English Quarterly Magazine

Do you have something interesting to say? Do you know a hot spot in Akita that everyone should know about? Have hints and tips about living in Akita?

What we’re looking for:

  1. Editorials, Essays, Stories—Do you have something unexpected or different to say? Has living in Japan confirmed or changed your views? If it’s good, original, and entertaining, let us see it.
  2. Original artwork, comics and photography—Do your pictures speak louder than words? We’re looking for the best pictures and art you’ve got. We’re also looking for comics that comment on the humor and irony that abound in Japanese life. Let us see Akita through your lens.
  3. Tohoku Travel Stories—Do you know a great place to see and visit? Have a can’t miss destination? Here’s your opportunity to share it with the ken.
  4. Tips on shopping and eating in Akita—Everybody’s got to eat, right? Do you know a trendy place or two? (For example, “The Beer Drinker’s Guide to Akita” in our 2009 summer issue ).

Submit your work: akitahanabi@gmail.com

We accept work of any genre, style, and walk of life. And we work hard with each writer/artist to make the best work and subsequently the best magazine. But the Hanabi staff does reserve the right to the final edit and inclusion of any piece submitted.

Back Issues

All issues can be downloaded using the links below, or easily viewed online at www.Issuu.com/akita-hanabi.





Staff Timeline



  • Editor/Layout: Sebastian Young
  • Editor/Illustrator: Mae Pun


  • Editor: Michael Cullinane
  • Layout Design: Ryan Baily, Sebastian Young
  • Illustration: Michael Sammler, Mae Pun
  • Print Organizers: Renaud Davies, Casey Kuester


  • Editor: Leslie L.
  • Designer: Michael S.
  • Coordinator/Assistant: Dan D.
  • Writing Staff: Pat C., Tadaya I.


  • Editor: Alex M.
  • Designer: Michael S.
  • Coordinator: Dan D.
  • Assistant: Brett R.


  • Editor: Matt B.


  • Editor: Lauren M.
  • Assistant Editor: Annie Z.


  • Editor: Holly B.

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