Help:Creating a message board account

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The Message Board is where Akita JETs talk to each other. If you want to connect with others, buy other people's used stuff, ask for advice, or read what others have to say, this is the place. You need to register to join the message board.

  1. To register, just click here.

  2. While the legalese near the top isn't important, the bold "MUST READ" message below it is.
    Help-Create Message Board Account 1.jpg
    Please note!: Due to a large amounts of bots who attempt to create message board accounts, your account must be manually approved by the webmaster before it will be activated. After creating your message board account please e-mail the webmaster (webmaster at akitajet dot com) to briefly explain who you are and why you want an account, and then your account will be activated. We basically just want to verify you are not a bot or spammer.

  3. Enter your username, e-mail address, and password.
    Help-Create Message Board Account 2.jpg

  4. Answer the CAPTCHA question to prove you're not a spammer.
    Help-Create Message Board Account 3.jpg
    It's easy: just sort the items between the two columns to answer the question.

  5. Nagivation between the Wiki and the Message Board is simple
    Help-Create Message Board Account 4.jpg
    After registering for the message board account, you will find that navigation between the Wiki and the Message Board is super simple. You can find the link from one to the other on the left-hand sidebar on the Wiki, and up top on the Message Board.

You can also check out our video walk-through on how to use the wiki and join our message board.