Jimmy Valentine

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New Crown English Series 3 (Heisei 24) pg. 105-107

Jimmy Valentine
Word count417
BookNew Crown

Jimmy Valentine was in prison for breaking into safes. After four months, he was released. Soon after that, several safes were broken into in the area. Ben Price, a policeman, was on the job. "It looks like the work of Jimmy. I must catch him."
Jimmy could tell the police were after him. So he decided to move to Elmore, a small town, and hide. One day, he saw a woman walking down the street. Their eyes met. In that moment, he decided to start a new life. His life as a safebreaker was behind him.
Jimmy opened a shoe store and worked hard for many months. He made many new friends in Elmore. People in the town respected him. He became friends with the woman, Susan Adams. She was the daughter of the town's banker. He asked her to marry him. Their life together was going to start.

Mr Adams bought a new safe for the bank. He was very proud of it. One morning, he took his family and Jimmy to the bank and showed it to them. Two of the family's little girls were playing around the safe.
Just then, Ben Price entered the bank. He saw Jimmy. "I've got him at last," he thought. He started towards Jimmy.
Suddenly there was a cry from Susan. One girl was shut in the safe. The door was locked. It could not be opened.
Through the thick door, they could hear the faint voice of the child. There was nothing they could do.
"Even I can't open the door," Mr Adams said. "And the safe company is many hours away."
Susan turned to Jimmy. "What can we do?"

He looked at her and smiled sadly. "Susan," he said, "Give me your rose. I'll do what I can. Only for you, dear. Only for you."
Susan gave Jimmy the rose. He put it in a pocket on his vest. He turned to the safe. His old skills came back to him. In ten minutes the door was open, and the little girl was back in her family's arms.
Jimmy walked toward the front door. He heard Susan's voice, but he didn't look back. His life in Elmore was finished.
At the door Ben Price stood in Jimmy's way.
"Well," said Jimmy. "You found me at last. Let's go."
Ben looked Jimmy over slowly. "I think you made a mistake, sir. I don't think I know you."
Ben Price left the bank and walked slowly down the street.

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