Kiki's Delivery Service

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New Everyday English 2 (Heisei 7) pg. ?

Kiki's Delivery Service
Word count472
BookNew Everyday English

"Jiji, what a beautiful sea!" Kiki said to her black cat. "And look at that tall clock tower! Let's live in this town." In that town Kiki met Osono-san. Osono-san ran a bakery. She liked Kiki and Jiji. She said, "You can use one of our rooms if you like."

Kiki had to work to make a living."What shall I do? I'm a witch, but I can't do much. All I can do is fly on my broom... Oh, that's it! I can carry things for people. I'll begin a delivery service!" "A witch's delivery service. That sounds good!" said Osono-san. "You can use my phone."

"Hello, this is the stationmaster. We have a problem. Come to the station in a hurry." The stationmaster sounded worried. When Kiki got to the station, the stationmaster said, "Some famous musicians just arrived. They're going to give a concert in the park. But we forgot to take their instruments off the train! Their concert begins at three o'clock this afternoon! Please, please help us. Can you catch up with the train and bring their instruments back?" "I'm not sure, but I'll do my best."

Kiki and Jiji got on the broom and took off. "Kiki, why didn't you say no? It's impossible!" Jiji was angry. Kiki answered, "But, Jiji, a witch has to work for people, you know. Stop complaining. we have no time!" They flew at top speed. "Look! that's the train!" shouted Kiki. "I'll get on top of it. Then you climb into a train through an open window. OK?" "What?" Jiji shouted. "It's too dangerous!" He was frightened. "We have to try." said the little witch.

They tried again and again. At last Jiji got into the train. He opened the door and Kiki climbed into the train, too. "Here are the musicians' instruments. But how can you carry all these on your broom?" asked Jiji. Kiki thought for a while. Then she said, "I'll hold this cello in my arms and you hold that violin. Let's tie the trumpets to my broom." They did it quickly and flew out of the train.

Poo-poo. Pup-pa-poo. As soon as they flew up into the sky, the strong wind began to play the trumpets. "Wow, It's nice! Many unusual things happen in the sky!" Kiki began to play the cello and Jiji played the violin. In the park, people were waiting. "It's already three ten. When will the concert begin?" Just then they heard faint sounds: Poo-Poo. Howa-wan. Volo-lon.

"Listen! What's that?" Everyone looked up at the sky. The sounds came nearer and nearer. Someone shouted, "Look! That's Kiki!" The people enjoyed the music from the sky. They gave Kiki and Jiji a big hand. "A witch is bringing the sound of spring from the sky! This is really a wonderful spring concert!"


This story may be from a quite old textbook. If anyone has a textbook with this original perhaps you could contact the webmaster of this wiki.

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