Kurita Support School

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Name Kurita Support School
Name (Japanese) 秋田県立栗田支援学校
Location Akita City
Telephone ☎ 018-828-1162
Fax 018-828-4720
Website http://www.kurita-s.akita-pref.ed.jp/
Email ✉kurita-s@akita-pref.ed.jp
Address (Japanese) 〒010-1621 秋田県秋田市新屋栗田町10-10

In April 2016 the name was changed from 秋田県立栗田養護学校 (Kurita School for Special Needs Education) to 栗田県立支援学校 (Kurita Support School). Since 2014 Kurita has been visited by the Education Center ALT.

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