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New Horizon English Course 3 pg. 67-73

Word count434
BookNew Horizon

"I'll never dance again," Terry said. "Life means nothing to me."
"You have to fight!" Calvero said. "Think of the power that's in the universe. It moves the earth. You have the same power! All you need is the courage to use it. Life can be wonderful if you're not afraid of it."
That night Calvero had a wonderful dream. He was on the stage with Terry. He was singing and dancing in front of a large audience.

Some days later, Calvero had a chance to perform at a theater, but nobody laughed. While he was on the stage, the audience got tired of him and began to leave.
Late that night Calvero walked home in the cold wind. Terry was waiting for him. Calvero said, "I'm finished."
"Nonsense!" Terry said. "Remember the advice that you gave me. You have to fight now!"
"Calvero, look!" suddenly she shouted. "I'm walking! I'm walking!" Her legs were well again.

Terry went back to the Empire Ballet, and soon she became an important dancer. She was going to play the leading part in the next ballet. She was very happy.
One morning, Terry asked Calvero to marry her. She said, "Calvero, I love you. I've wanted to say it for so long. Please marry me."
"Nonsense!" Calvero said.
"It's not nonsense," Terry said. "I love you with all my heart."
"My dear, I'm an old man. Don't waste your youth on me."
That night Calvero left her.

For years Terry looked for Calvero. Now she was a famous dancer, and she still loved him.
One evening, the manager of the Empire Theater was drinking at the saloon in London. In front of the saloon an old street musician and his group were playing music. After the music was finished, the old musician came in.
The manager recognized him and was surprised. He said, "Calvero, why don't you come and see me at my office? I'd like you to have a show at my theater again."
Calvero was found at last. Terry was very happy.

Some days later, Calvero had a special show at the Empire Theater. The show was a great success. All the audience laughed and clapped. Terry was very pleased with the applause.
The curtain fell. Then suddenly Calvero could not move. He was dying of a heart attack.
Terry was shocked, but she had to get on the stage. She took Calvero's hand and said, "I'll be back soon." He nodded with a smile.
After she left, Calvero peacefully closed his eyes.
On the stage, Terry was dancing. She was beautiful in the limelight.

Official translation

Taken from the New Horizon's teachers manual.

「たたかわなけりゃだめだよ。」カルヴェロは言いました。「宇宙の力のことを考えるんだ。この地球を動かしているじゃないか。きみにだって同じ力があるんだよ! きみに必要なのは,その力を使うだけの勇気なんだ。人生はこわがりさえしなければすばらしいものになるさ。」





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