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Sunshine English Course 3 (Heisei 28) pg. 102-105

Mother Teresa
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Who is Mother Teresa? Here is a story about her.
A child was born on August 26, 1910, in Macedonia. She was named Agnes and was later known as Mother Teresa.
In 1929, she went to India. She taught geography and history at St. Mary's High School in Kolkata.
In 1931, she made up her mind to become a nun and took the name Teresa. Her life began to change when she was thirty-six years old. She decided to help the poor by living among them.

Mother Teresa learned many things like nursing the sick, and went back to Kolkata. She lived in one of the poorest places in the city. She gathered together some children from the neighborhood. She taught them the alphabet by writing letters on the ground with a stick.
She showed the children how to wash, and she gave each of them a piece of soap. She also went out and begged for food for the poor.
She loved children very much. She liked to talk about a little boy who was brought to her by some Sisters. He was suffering from a bad stomachache.
"So I sat the child down and asked when he last ate something. This morning? Nothing. Last night? Nothing. Yesterday? Nothing. The stomachache came from hunger!"

Mother Teresa worked hard for poor children. For example, she started an international fund. It helps children by supporting programs to train them.
Many girls "dropped out" of their rich families to join Mother Teresa. They put on the white sari of the poor. Mother Teresa started the Missionaries of Charity. Her love for the poor soon spread to many places in the world.
The Missionaries do not depend only on their kind hearts. They all learn professions like nursing or teaching in order to help the poor. One of their beliefs is, "We should be the salt of the earth."

On December 11, 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. When she received the prize, she was asked, "What can we do to promote world peace?" She answered, "Go home and love your family." The money she was given as part of the Prize was used for the poor in India.

She died in 1997. Her love for the poor and the sick shows how we can work for others. We will never forget what she did for those people.

Official translation (Heisei 28)

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Total English 2 (Heisei 17) pg. 89-93

Mother Teresa
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BookTotal English

Agnes was born in Macedonia in 1910. When she was still very young, she wanted to give her life to God. Agnes went to Calcutta, India and became a nun when she was 19 years old. She changed her name to Sister Teresa.
Sister Teresa taught girls at high school. On the way to school, she always saw poor people. She could not forget them.
One day, Sister Teresa decided to help the poorest of the poor. She moved to the slums alone.

Sister Teresa began teaching children in the slums. There were no desks, no chairs and no boards. She wrote letters and numbers on the ground.
She also took care of hungry and sick people. She went from door to door to get food for them.
Some time later, one of her old students wanted to join Sister Teresa's work. Sister Teresa told her, "This work is not easy. You must live for others."
Her student joined Teresa and in time many others joined as well.

Sister Teresa opened a house for the dying and, after that, another house for children without families. Sister Teresa loved everyone like a mother and so her name changed to Mother Teresa.
One day, Mother Teresa found a dying man. No one would go near him because he was very sick. Mother Teresa and her friends took care of him. The man asked, "Why are you helping me?" Mother Teresa answered, "Because I love you."
She once explained, "If you feel that no one loves you, it is true starvation."

In 1979, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize. She said, "Love begins at home. Smile at each other. Help each other. Then, more and more love will grow."
On September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa passed away at the age of 87. But today, around 4,700 sisters in 132 countries continue to help the poorest of the poor. Teresa's work of love goes on.
She once said, "Our work may look big, but it is only a drop in the ocean. But if we stop this work, the ocean will have one drop less."

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