Paper cup telephone game

This game gives the students a chance to practice real communication. Make two sets of paper cup phones by attaching a string through a whole in the bottom of two cups. The phone works best when the string is pulled taunt between the two cups, so make sure to tightly secure the string to each cup.

The class is broken up into two teams. Each team has a phone with one of the cups in the classroom and the other cup in the hall way. The string can go through the door, or the small sliding doors, as long as the students can not see each other. Two students (one from each team) are in the hallway with the ALT. The ALT shows a small picture of a verb to the hallway students. The students inside the class "call" the hallway students and ask them what they are doing. "I'm dancing." is an example response. The students who made the call run to the black board and touch the picture for the corresponding verb.

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