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The Prefectural Education Center (秋田県総合教育センター) and Personnel Training Center (自治研修所) are facilities in Katagami City run by Akita Prefecture to improve the quality of Akita's civil servants. They are commonly referred to as just "The Center" because they are right next to each other. However, they are in fact different buildings with different administration for each (even though the actual buildings are a mirror image of one another). When facing the Center, the 総合教育センター is to the left and the 自治研修所 is to the right. If you arrive and don't find the conference you expect, try next door.

Prefecture-wide conferences are usually held at one of these two facilities. Some English Camps are also held at the Prefectural Education Center.

Although the staff graciously allows Akita JETs to use the facilities free of charge, the training center is not a hotel. There is a cafeteria at the center where you can buy lunch, although you should buy lunch tickets as early as possible as they have a tendency to run out. There is also a gymnasium and work-out room that can be used until 9pm.

The following is a list of items you should bring to overnight conferences:

  • A towels(s)
  • Shower amenities - only soap and shampoo are provided
  • Cash (there is no ATM at the center)
  • Athletic shoes and a change of clothes - if you plan to use the gymnasium


Akita Prefectural Education Center (秋田県総合教育センター)
〒010-0101 秋田県潟上市天王字追分西29−76
☎ 018-873-7206

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