Red Demon and Blue Demon

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Total English 2 (Heisei 24) pg. 88-91

Red Demon and Blue Demon
Word count383
BookTotal English

Once upon a time, Red Demon and Blue Demon lived in the mountains of Japan. Red Demon wanted to be friends with children. So he put a board in front of his house. He wrote these words on the board: "Open house. Please come in." But everyone was afraid of him, so no one came in. He felt sad and finally took away the board.

One day, Blue Demon came to Red Demon's house. He said, "Do you really want to be friends with children?"
Red Demon said, "Yes, I do."
"Okay. I have an idea," Blue Demon said.
Red Demon listened to his idea and said, "That's a good idea, but you may have a hard time."
"Don't worry," Blue Demon said.
Then, they went down to the village.

Some children were playing in the village. Suddenly, Blue Demon came. He shouted, "Get out of here, or I'll hurt you."
The children were afraid and cried, "Help us!"
Then, Red Demon came and shouted, "Go away!"
Blue Demon whispered, "Hit me. It's okay." Red Demon hit Blue Demon, and Blue Demon ran away.
"Thank you for saving us. You're very strong and kind. Let's play together!" the children said. They went to Red Demon's house and played together.

A few days later, Red Demon went to Blue Demon's house to thank him. Red Demon found a letter on the door.

Dear Red Demon,
    I'm glad you have many new friends now.
I want to see you again, but I'm afraid I'll
scare your new friends. So, I'll go far away.
I'll always be your friend.
Blue Demon

Red Demon read it many times. He cried. He never saw Blue Demon again.

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