The Earth in Danger

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New Horizon English Course 3 (Heisei 5) p.34~37

The Earth is so dirty that it is slowly dying. There are many reasons - acid rain and the greenhouse effect, for example.
Gasses and chemicals from factories and cars mix with water up in the sky. The wind carries them far away. Later they become acid rain. It kills fish and trees.

In Europe many trees and lakes are dying. Some people say that the famous Black Forest in Germany will be dead in several years.
Some gasses and chemical stay in the sky like a blanket. The Earth gets hotter and hotter. This is the greenhouse effect.
Some scientists say the Earth's temperature will be too high by 2030. Then the ice of the North and South Poles will melt and many cities may be under the sea.
On one hand hand, many places may become too dry for farming. We may have very little to eat - very little bread and very little rice.

How can we stop acid rain and the greenhouse effect? It is not easy to stop them, but it is possible to slow their effects. We can cut down on our use of gas, coal and oil. We can use cleaner energy sources such as the sun, wind and water.
We should preserve the rain forests, because they control the Earth's temperature. We should also stop using so many chemicals and try to keep the rivers and seas clean.

On April 22, 1990, Earth Day was celebrated all over the world. School children in some countries planted trees. In some cities people stopped using cars for a day. Thousands of British families went for Earth Day Walks in the country. French people made a human chain about 500 miles long along a river.
In Japan people cleaned their streets and rivers. They also collected used cans and paper bags for recycling.

We should work together for a cleaner Earth. Earth Day in 1990 was an important step for movements of this kind. We must do everything we can before it is too late.

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