Try to Be the Only One

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New Horizon Book 2 (Heisei 18) pg. 68-71

Try to Be the Only One
Word count296
BookNew Horizon
Aragaki Tsutomu (新垣 勉)

"Why did my grandmother die? I want to die, too" cried a boy of fourteen. "I hate my father and mother." The sun was bright in a blue sky. But the boy could not see it, because he was blind.
The boy was born in 1952. His father was Mexican-American and his mother was Japanese. Both of them left home when he was a baby. So his grandmother took care of him.

The boy's name was Aragaki Tsutomu. He liked music very much. One day he heard some hymns on the radio. He was interested in them. He wanted to hear some other hymns, and so he went to a church.
At the church, he met the minister. Tsutomu told him about his life. The minister listened to him quietly. When Tsutomu stopped talking, he found that the minister was crying. "Oh, he understands me," Tsutomu thought.

The minister said, "Tsutomu, do you want to come and stay with us? My wife and children will be happy." Tsutomu said, "Yes." Tsutomu started a new life as a member of the minister's warm family.
Tsutomu wanted to be a minister, too. So he went to college and studied very hard. He also learned singing and he sang in church.
His hatred of his parents began to fade. He decided to help other people in need.

Tsutomu's Italian voice trainer once said to him, "Your voice is a gift from God, and also from your father. You're the only one in the world with a voice like that."
Tsutomu is now proud of his singing. His motto is, "Try to be the only one, not just number one."
If you hear his song Sugarcane Fields, you can feel the brightness and sadness of Okinawa through his beautiful voice.

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