Oyu Stone Circle

Part of the ruins

The Oyu Stone Circle (大湯環状列石; kanjoseki) is a complex of ruins from the Jomon Era in the Towada area of Kazuno. It has been designated by the national government as one of the special artifacts of Japan.


This is a large ruin from the first half of the late Jomon period. Situated on the left bank of the Oyu River, a tributary of the Yoneshiro River, it is an important ruin which shows the thought process of the Jomon people. Both the Manza and Nakado circle are roughly 45 meters in diameter, and are thought to have been built over a period of more than 200 years.

Getting there

Public transportation:
-Take the JR Hanawa (花輪線) Line from the Kazuno Hanawa Station to the Shuhoku Bus "Ooyu Onsen" (大湯温泉) for about 30 minutes, get off at "Ooyuishimae" (環状列石前).

Car or taxi:
-It's also about 10 minutes by car or taxi from the Towada Minami Station. You can also take the Tohoku Expressway Towada IC toll road.
-If you're coming from the west (Odate), take the 103 east until the 66. Turn right on 66 and it will lead you there.
-From the south (Iwate), use the Tohoku Expressway northbound to the 103, go east on the 103 and turn right on 66.
-From the north (Aomori), also use the Tohoku Expressway south to the 103.
-From the east (Hachinohe), take the Hachinohe Expressway to the Tohoku Expressway northbound to the 103.

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