Returners and Recontractors Conference 2012

All of the 2011-2012 Akita JETs

The 2012 Akita Returners and Recontractors Conference was held on June 8th at the Prefectural Education Center.

JETs were split up into two groups: returners (those leaving JET) and recontractors (those staying another year). Returners learned about topics such as how to receive their pension refund, how deal with Japanese taxes, and what are the rules regarding returning airfare etc.

Recontractors workshop descriptions

Generative grammar and its application to second language learning

  • Takumoto Suda 先生 (University College London)

It is assumed in generative grammar that human beings are not born tabula rasa but with a certain ability to acquire language. More specifically, our brain contains a genetically determined specialization for language, commonly referred to as Universal Grammar. In this talk, I will provide several arguments for this fundamental assumption and discuss whether it is possible for L2 learners to have access to the innate computational system of UG.

Community Involvement

  • Ben & Casey

Both of Akita’s leaders of AAJ are leaving this year which opens a gap for new blood in Akita’s charitable arm. Join in on the discussion to decide who will take over AAJ and decided what community events should be held throughout the year.

Graduate School Applications

  • Nikki & Casey

Thought a lot about it but still not sure if you want to go to grad school? Have you already made the decision but are looking for a leg up? Learn what makes a good grad school application and how to stand out in the admissions process as well as if graduate school is the right choice for you.

Last Lecture

  • Joshua and Kay

Join us as we give an overview of our time spent on JET, some advice on school life, as well as information about actual experiences we have had at school and how we are, or have overcome them. 'The Last Lecture'... from two fifth year ALTs."


Akita-ben (秋田弁), is the notoriously near-unintelligible dialect of Akita Prefecture. This course will get you started on the road to mastering the Akita dialect taking you one step closer to truly understanding this wonderful culture and its people.

An Introduction to Language Learning Strategies

  • Renaud

The field of second language acquisition is an ever changing landscape and consequently, its movements can create a mass shift in the way we teach or even learn. In this presentation, we will learn what LLS are and how we can incorporate them into our current teaching practices as well as how they can benefit us as language learners.

Professional Development

  • Derek

Talk to any of the returning JETs and they will tell you the time to start preparing for your future is now. Through discussions this workshop will identify strengths in your resume and opportunities to build experiences that will contribute to your personal goals and those of the JET Programme. Developing an “elevator pitch” will ensure you are able make the most of your time on JET.

Coaching for the Speech Contest

  • Nikki

What are the judges really looking for? This workshop will recap the fundamentals of the English Speech Contest and discuss how to make the most of training sessions with your students. We will focus on a range of topics such as student selection, judging standards, practice schedules, speech writing, pronunciation practice and other coaching strategies. This will be an interactive session, so please come prepared to share your own experiences and tips


  • Schedule
    • Check in time: 9:30
    • Opening Ceremony: 10:00
    • Lunch: 11:30-12:30
    • Closing Ceremony: 16:30

Lunch tickets at the education center are prone to running out, so it is in your best interest to arrive slightly early and purchase a lunch ticket.

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