Returners and Recontractors Conference 2013

The 2013 Akita Returners and Recontractors Conference was held on June 6, 2013 at the Prefectural Education Center in Tenno, Katagami City.

JETs were split up into two groups: returners (those leaving JET) and recontractors (those staying another year). Returners learned about topics such as how to receive their pension refund, how deal with your Japanese taxes, and what are the rules regarding returning airfare etc.

Recontractors Workshops

English as a Second Language

  • Taylor Fustin & Kinza Cooper

A super, amazing presentation about second language acquisition.  This presentation addresses issues regarding motivation, testing, and the varying views on literacy.  A must see presentation for anyone who is currently employed as an ALT!

TESL Certification

  • Josh Drewry

Teaching is a profession that requires learning, not only from the students, but from teachers as well.  Professional development and continued education are a required part of most positions and can help you not only improve as an ALT, but provide you with tools for seeking post-JET careers.  In this workshop, we will discuss the process of becoming a certified instructor for English as a Foreign Language, or TEFL.  Whether you want to improve your teaching strategies in your Japanese classroom or are already considering your options upon returning home, this workshop will provide you with an analysis of the costs and benefits of your different options and help you decide which course is right for your future.

Please note that a lot of this information will become dated relatively quickly.

Coaching for Speech Contest

  • Stephanie Hupp & Neil Fanning

This seminar will give ALTs a better insight on the different aspects of speech contest and give helpful tips for both student and ALT preparation. Moreover, it will go into details on the best way to choose students, stories for recitation, and topics for self-written speeches. This seminar will also cover helpful techniques to prepare students on their pronunciation, as well as intonation, body language, and time management. Presenters will also show videos of past winners to give ALTs an idea of what judges are looking for when judging speech contest participants.  

Independent Japanese Study

  • Sean Corrigan & Alfonso Fraile

This presentation aims to help you think about your goals in learning both spoken and written Japanese and briefly illuminate ways to maintain an effective study schedule

Cultural Projects

  • Stephanie Hupp & Stacey Miller

What is culture? This presentation will explore the literal meaning of culture and what it means to be a cultural representative, especially in a society as observational as Japan. Representing one's culture does not mean we have to constantly wear it as a banner, but it does mean we have to be aware of how we present ourselves. Moreover, this presentation will show ALTs how to involve themselves culturally among students, parents, their community, and other ALTS.

Community Involvement

  • Akita Association of JETs & volunteerAKITA

Learn about two of Akita’s ALT volunteer groups and how they are involved in the local and regional communities.

  • AAJ will be presenting on the association’s goals and successes, this past year’s activities, event evaluations, and will give an introduction of the plans for this year. The presentation will also look for input from the ALT community.
  • VolunteerAKITA has prepared a video presentation about the origins of the volunteer group and will provide you information on how to contribute to volunteer activities this year. For your learning/viewing pleasure, we have also included a random educational video about micro-volunteering. Enjoy!

Last Lecture

  • Mark Dawson & Delmer Lopez
    • Life in Japan, how we felt in the first year contrasted with how we are now
    • Work, things we have done connected to it (like Halloween event). Things we will miss about the work
    • Future ambitions, why we decided to stay in Japan and the cafe.

Beginner Akita-ben

  • Masahiko-sensei

Whether you are new to Akita or have lived in Akita for several years, this beginner course in Akita-ben will help you to grasp the basic rules of the dialect and hopefully deepen your overall understanding of Akita-ben.

Returners Workshops

Life After JET: Culture Shock & Job Hunting

Before Your Job Interview
  • Derek Lemieux and Nikki Zywina
    • Reverse Culture Shock
    • Networking
    • Reference Letters
    • Results Based Resume
    • Interview Skills
    • Elevator Pitch
    • STAR Answer: Situation Task Action Result

File:Life After JET 2013.pptx

Vince Ricci résumé, cover letter and interview tips

University of British Columbia - Common Interview Questions

How to Perfect the Elevator Pitch

Leaving Japan: Tax/Pension Refund, etc.

Settling Your Affairs, Pre-departure & Preparing for New Arrivals

  • Randy Umetsu and Nikki Zywina


  • Derek Lemieux, Nikki Zywina and Joshua Drewry

Farewell Speeches & Letters in Japanese

  • Masahiko-sensei


  • Schedule
    • Check in time: 9:30-9:50
    • Opening Ceremony: 10:00
    • Lunch: 12:00-1:00
    • Closing Ceremony: 16:30

Lunch tickets at the education center are prone to running out, so it is in your best interest to arrive slightly early and purchase a lunch ticket.

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