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The 2019 Akita Leavers Conference (令和元年帰国者研修会) was a conference held specifically for JET participants leaving the program in 2019 on Friday, May 10th 2019 at the Prefectural Training Center in Tenno, Katagami City.

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JETs learned about topics such as how to receive their pension refund, how deal with Japanese taxes, and the rules regarding returning airfare, moving out, goodbye speeches, and dealing with reverse culture shock after JET.


The 2019 Leavers Conference Handbook (pdf) contains all of the information delivered during the conference in details, including processes for pension refunds, taxes, visas, and more.


Farewell Speeches & Letter Writing

Masahiko Sato, Instructor at Akita University (Guest Lecturer)

How can you properly convey your regards to the many people who've watched over you during your time here? We've invited Mr. Masahiko Sato, an Instructor at Akita University, to help you prepare your farewell speeches and thank you letters.

  • Presentation and handout not uploaded as per Mr. Sato's request. Please contact the PAs if you would like a digital copy of the handout.

Leaving Japan: Taxes

Kathryn Ross & Catherine Johnson

We will explain local resident tax, including its conditions, calculated period, and payment.

Leaving Japan: Pension

Josephine Chiao & Colin Reineberg

The pension refund process is confusing, so we will go over all the necessary forms, steps, deadlines, things to watch out for, and FAQ regarding your lump-sum withdrawal payment.

Moving Out & Preparing for Successors

Pimms Hubbell

What services need cancelling? What paperwork do you need to file? How do you get rid of your stuff? How should you prepare for your successor? We'll talk about all of these points and more in this cover-all presentation on everything you need to think about when moving on from JET.

The Finish Line: Wrapping Up & Reflecting on JET

Aaron Kern

In this presentation, we will cover other outlying information for wrapping up your time on JET (e.g. returning airfare) and go over a final checklist. We will also introduce reverse culture shock and other things you should keep in mind as you anticipate going home. At the end, we will have a group reflection on the JET experience.

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