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Return Airfare

JETs are eligible to receive a travel allowance for passage back to their home countries provided that they fulfill the three conditions below.

  1. You complete your JET contract period.
  2. That within one month after completion of the period of contract you do not enter into a subsequent contract with your contracting organization or a third party.
  3. That you leave Japan to return home within one month of the end of your contract.

JETs who fulfill these conditions can receive a single one-way economy-class ticket from Japan that is as direct as possible to your home country designated airport from which the JET departed. The following conditions apply to the ticket.

  • The ticket should be for a direct flight. If a direct flight is not available, a ticket requiring the smallest number of transfers should be provided. In such circumstances, the traveling time should not be unreasonably longer than a direct flight.
  • In the event that the JET unavoidably has to cancel the reservation (due to an unforeseen accident or illness) the Contracting Organisation is to provide a ticket for another flight.
  • The Contracting Organization may select the type of ticket to be provided and may also select whether to provide an actual ticket or the equivalent in a sum of money.

Departure locations

Your Contracting Organization is responsible for your passage from your CO to the international airport. Hence, they may not want you to stay longer in Japan, since they will be liable if anything happens to you. And as stated above, direct flights are desired. So, it is probably not possible to depart Akita, spend a week in Tokyo, and then fly to your home country -- departure begins in Akita, not in Tokyo.


  • Don't buy tickets without your Contracting Organization's approval.
  • See the General Information Handbook for more information.
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