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Finally made the decision to head home and need to polish off the old resume? Still gonna be in Akita for a bit, but want to make sure you are in good shape when you leave? Then read on to learn the secrets and mysteries of putting your time in Akita to good use.

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Before Your Job Interview

Ways to improve your resume on JET

Employers will generally look at JET as being a great experience, particularly if you are going into education. They will, however, want to know how you used the JET experience to grow and learn new skills, especially if you have been in Akita for 3+ years. Here are some ways that you can show prospective employers how wicked smart and successful you are.

  • Take up a leadership position in Charity Akita. Allows you to show off specific dollar totals and concrete increases in fundraising over the years.
  • Become a regular editor of the wiki. Jump on the web 2.0 bandwagon and show just how net-savvy you are. Probably also can be useful in showing employers how you "marketed" the website to a specific audience.
  • Think about applying for a leadership position (Prefectural advisor/Block leader).
  • Take Japanese proficiency tests. Say you are competing with 20 people for a Japanese speaking job. The people judging the applicants are going to use standard proficiency tests as an objective benchmark. This means that if you have JLPT 3, you could feasibly beat out someone with much better speaking ability, all because they don't have any written proof of their nihongo skills.

Sample Resumes

Leaving JET Checklist
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