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Basic Pension Number Notice

All residents in Japan, whether Japanese or foreign national, are assigned a Basic Pension Number (基礎年金番号; Kiso Nenkin Bangō). As a resident of Japan, you will be assigned such a number. Shortly after your arrival, you should receive a Basic Pension Number Notice (基礎年金番号通知書; Kiso Nenkin Bangō Tsūchisho) in the mail. The Basic Pension Number Notice is a wallet-sized card which should arrive attached to a full-page letter from the Pension Agency titled 基礎年金番号のお知らせ (Kiso Nenkin Bangō no Oshirase; "Notification of Basic Pension Number").

When it comes time for you to apply for your pension refund, you will need to send it in with your application. If your school or contracting organization is holding onto this for you be sure to get this from them before you leave the country.

Note: If you were a 2021-or-earlier JET arrival, you would have received a Pension book instead.

List of Social Insurance Agency branches in Akita

If you have questions regarding pension matters, you may consult a regional Pension Office. Such offices in Akita are listed below.

Akita City

Akita City

  • Akita Social Insurance Agency (秋田社会保険事務局)
    〒010-0931秋田県秋田市川元山下町5-21 (map)
    ☎ 018-883-1650
  • Akita Pension Office (秋田年金事務所)
    〒010-8565秋田県秋田市保戸野鉄砲町5-20 (map)
    ☎ 018-865-2391
    Fax: 018-864-3929

Yurihonjō (Honjō)

Honjo, Yurihonjo

  • Honjō Pension Office (本荘年金事務所)
    〒015-8505秋田県由利本荘市表尾崎町21-2 (map)
    ☎ 0184-24-1111
    Fax: 0184-22-8329

Kitaakita (Takanosu)

Takanosu, Kitaakita

  • Takanosu Pension Office (鷹巣年金事務所)
    〒018-3370秋田県北秋田市花園町18-1 (map)
    ☎ 0186-62-1490
    Fax: 0186-62-9429

Daisen (Omagari)

Omagari, Daisen

  • Ōmagari Pension Office (大曲年金事務所)
    〒014-0027秋田県大仙市大曲通町6-26 (map)
    ☎ 0187-63-2296
    Fax: 0187-63-7429

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