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For most JETs in Akita, you are paid once a month. Many Contracting Organizations arrange direct deposit to your bank account.

At some point (probably during the winter), you'll get a small slip of paper that has a bunch of weird Japanese that's hard to understand. That's your income statement, and you'll need that to fill out your taxes. In the United States, it's the equivalent of a W-2.

Here is a translation of some of the items on that income sheet.

  • 源泉徴収票 (げんせんちょうしゅうひょう): certificate of income and withholding tax
  • 支払金額 (しはらいきんがく): amount payable
  • 給与所得控除後の金額 (きゅうよしょとくこうじょごのきんがく): deduction for employment income
  • 所得控除の額の会計額 (しょとくのがくのかいけいがく): amount deducted from one's income
  • 源泉徴収税額 (げんせんちょうしゅうぜいがく): amount of taxes withheld
  • 社会保険料 等の金額 (しゃかいほけんりょう などのきんがく): social insurance premium
  • 摘要 (てきよう): memo
  • 年調定率控除額 (としちょうていりつこうじょがく): one year’s ratio amount deducted
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