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Yurihonjō City
Yurihonjō in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area1,209.08 km²
Population78,966 (as of 2017-05-30)
TreeJapanese Zelkova (ケヤキ)
FlowerCherry Blossom (さくら)
City emblem
City Hall
MayorMakoto Hasebe (長谷部 誠)
Address17 Ozaki Yurihonjō-shi,
Akita 015-8501
(〒015-8501 秋田県
Telephone☎ 0183-62-2111

Yurihonjō (由利本荘市; -shi) is a city located in Akita, Japan. This page is about the greater city. For individual towns, see Honjō, Iwaki, Chōkai, Higashiyuri, Nishime, Ouchi, Yashima and Yuri.


Yurihonjo was founded on 22nd March, 2005 when the former cities of Honjō and Iwaki, and the former towns of Chōkai, Higashiyuri, Nishime, Ouchi, Yashima and Yuri all merged together. After the merger, Yurihonjo became the largest municipality in Akita by area.

Yurihonjo Population (2017)
Honjo Yashima Iwaki Yuri Ouchi Higashiyuri Nishime Chokai Total
42,239 4,685 5,282 4,810 7,617 3,476 6,048 4,809 78,966


1-Iwaki 2-Ouchi 3-Honjo 4-Nishime 5-Yuri 6-Higashiyuri 7-Yashima 8-Chōkai

As Yurihonjo is comprised of numerous towns, each town has their own local events. For a more comprehensive list, please see Yurihonjo festivals. Some of the bigger events and festivals in Yurihonjo include:

  • Naked Festival, 「裸まいり」where men and boys walk through the snow wearing very little and carrying large objects, takes place each January in Honjō.
  • Yurihonjo Fireworks Festival, 「由利本荘花火大会」held in the last weekend in July. A large fireworks festival along the river in Honjo.
  • Iris Carnival, 「菖蒲カーニバル」a festival held in Honjo park in July. Music performances and festival food inside the park and traditional Japanese dances in the street outside the park.
  • Honjo Sakura Festival, 「本荘さくら祭り」held in Honjo Park in April. People relax and take pictures under the cherry blossoms and eat festival food.
  • Iwaki Harbor Festival, 「岩城ふれあい港まつり」a fireworks festival held in the seaside town of Iwaki.
  • Ski Areas Open, December marks the start of the ski season. Yurihonjo's biggest ski slope is Yashima Ski Slope (矢島スキー場)


Yuri kogen.jpg

Some good sightseeing spots in Yurihonjō are Honjō Park, Akata Giant Buddha, One Thousand Jizo, Hottai Falls, and Kofuen Sumo Ring. See the individual town pages for more. The imposing Mount Chōkai is Yurihonjo's most dominant geological feature, and can be climbed from a trailhead in Yashima.


Some of the more famous onsen in the city are Poporokko (in Ouchi), Minato no Yu (in Iwaki), and Tsurumai Onsen (by Honjo Park). See Yurihonjo onsen for an extensive listing of bath houses.


Board of Education

The Yurihonjō Board of Education is located in Nishime, and it is the main office for the city. There are branch offices in Yurihonjo's towns and villages.

Yurihonjō City Board of Education
40-61 Bentenmae, Numata, Nishime
Yurihonjō, Akita 015-0692

日本 〒015-0692 秋田県由利本荘市西目町沼田字弁天前40-61

☎ 0184-32-1306
📠 0184-33-3381



Senior high schools

Junior high schools

Elementary schools

Other schools

Workplace internet filtering

Public buildings in Yurihonjo (including schools) have filtered internet. Certain words cannot appear in a page title (for example, girl, pink, and adult). If you browse to a blocked page, you will get the following error message: IWSSセキュリティイベント(in-proxy). It is possible to circumvent the filters using https://proxify.com/, and though perhaps administrators would disapprove of this, so far none have.


Sport clubs available in the Yurohonjo area are:

  • Floorball
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Kyudo
    • Honjo Kyudo Dojo beside Honjo Minami JHS. Every Wednesday 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

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