Hottai Falls

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Hottai Falls (法体の滝) is a waterfall in Chōkai, Yurihonjō. There is a short hiking trail, a nice waterfall, a large grassy picnic area, and a restaurant. It is one of the "100 Waterfalls of Japan".


According to an illustration from 1697, this waterfall was originally known as "Hotsutaishi-no-taki". The waterfall's current name is said to come from the famed Buddhist Monk Kukai. When Kukai visited this area he had a vision of mahavairocana (不動明王) and dedicated the waterfall to him as a sign of worship.


秋田県由利本荘市鳥海町百宅字奥山 3-1 (map)
The waterfall is roughly 25km away from the Yashima station on the Yuri Kōgen Line.


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