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The Yashima Ski Area

Yashima Town (矢島町; -machi) is a district of Yurihonjō, Akita, Japan.



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The most important events in Yashima are Hasaku Festival and the Mt. Chōkai Bicycle Classic. For a comprehensive list of festivals in town, see Yurihonjo festivals.

  • Sai no Kamiyaki (才の神焼き). This fire festival is on January 15th.
  • Mt. Chōkai climbing season begins. The trail from Yashima opens at the beginning of May.
  • Mt. Chōkai Bicycle Classic (Mt.鳥海バイシクルクラシック). A large bike race takes place at the end of July.
  • Sakanoshita Bangaku (坂之下番楽). This traditional festival takes place on August 14th.
  • Hasaku Festival (八朔まつり). Takes place on all day on the second Sunday in September as well as the preceding evening.
  • Hanadate Autumn Festival (花立秋まつり). This festival takes place at Makiba park, Hanadate in Chōkai Kōgen in the middle of October.
  • Ski season begins. Around the middle of December.


There are three schools in Yashima.

In April 2009, Yashima Junior and Senior High Schools moved to a new building behind Lawson Station. Before 2009, the junior high school was on the hill by the softball stadium and the high school was near Town Hall and the elementary school. Now, the schools share the building but are otherwise separate entities. The old junior high school building opened May 1947, closed April 2009, and was demolished in the spring of 2010. The old high school was also demolished in 2010.

Year Yashima ES Yashima JHS Yashima HS
2017-2018 168 106 -
2016-2017 176 107 169
2015-2016 186 110 171
2014-2015 200 96 172
2013-2014 199 104 211
2012-2013 208 112
2011-2012 212 113
2010-2011 220 117
2009-2010 118
2008-2009 149
2007-2008 146

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