Yurihonjo City with Ouchi in blue

Ouchi (大内町; -machi) is a district of Yurihonjō, Akita, Japan. As of April 30, 2015 the population of Ouchi has been stated to be 7,936.


  • On 30th September 1956 the Yuri district villages of Iwaya, Shimokawa Ouchi, and Kamikawa Ouchi all merged into Ouchi Village.
  • On 1st April 1970 the village of Ouchi gained town status.
  • On 22nd March, 2005 Ouchi town merged with Honjō city, and the towns of Chōkai, Higashiyuri, Iwaki, Nishime, Yashima and Yuri to form Yurihonjō.


  • One Thousand Jizō (千体地蔵, sentai jizō). One thousand stone statues line the side of a hill in Oriwatari, Ouchi. The statues were erected over a two year period from 1989 to 1990, and were intended as a prayer for peace. Access via R69.
  • Nagasaka Ski Area - (長坂スキー場, nagasaka suki jō). A very small, one slope family ski area. They have a 250m T-bar lift and lights, so night skiing is a possibility. Located just off R105, very close to Ouchi JHS. Tel: 0184-66-2526
  • Ōgoya Family Land - (大小屋ファミリーランド, ōgoya famirii rando). Facilities include a lodge, a campground, field athletics, and go-carts. Located on R49.
    Tel: 0184-67-2313
  • Sports Facilities. A page listing the sports facilities available in Tsutsumidai, including swimming pool, tennis courts, kyudo and soccer.


Tanpopo Hall, (たんぽぽ館, tanpopo kan).
  • Yurihonjō Gymnasium - (由利本荘市立総合体育館, yurihonjō shi ritsu sougou taiikukan). The largest gymnasium in Yurihonjō. Built in 2005, this gym cost a staggering ¥1,471,237,000 to build. It recently hosted the 9th Ladies Roller Hockey World Championship. Located by Poporokko. Yearly membership ¥8,000, one time use ¥500. Workout room open from 09:00 to 21:00. Homepage. Tel: 0184-65-0500.
  • Tanpopo Hall - (たんぽぽ館, tanpopo kan). Facilities include: meeting room, bathroom, and shower. Located high in the hills behind Shimokawa Ouchi Nursery School. Costs about ¥6,500 for one night (No bedding, AC or heaters*; possibly can be rented). Available from May to October. 〒018-0855秋田県由利本荘市松本字蛇喰4ー1. Tel: 0184-66-2277


See a list of the Yurihonjo festivals.

  • Watawata Festival (ワタワタ). The newly married couples of Ouchi prepare straw and leave it in wooden bowls by their door. A group of townspeople visit these houses and pound the straw with wooden sticks while chanting 'watawata'. Takes place every January 15th.
  • First Jizō Snow Shoe Visit (初地蔵かんじき詣). Worship for the Jizo. Takes place at One Thousand Jizo on January 24th
  • Nagasaka Inari Shrine Bonten Hono Festival (長坂稲荷神社梵天まつり). Often just referred to as Bonten (梵天), this is a colourful festival where people pray for a good yield of rice for the year to come. Takes place on the 2nd Sunday of March every year.
  • Family Land opens. At the end of April.
  • Satsuki Festival (さつきまつり). Attend lectures on how to care for Azalea (satsuki) plants. Buy or view the many different Asaleas available. Takes place from 21st May to the 1st June every year.
  • Mizu Kake Jizō Festival (水かけ地蔵まつり). People pour water on the Jizō's heads and pray for the health of children. Every July 23rd and 24th.
  • Imogawa Festival (芋川まつり). A firework festival for the people of Ouchi to appreciate the Imogawa river. Also includes a dance competition. Takes place every year on the last Sunday of July, from 20:00 to 21:00. Located by the bridge where R105 meets the R9, beside the rice factory.
  • Akita Mago Uta Zenkoku Taikai (秋田馬子唄全国大会). A national minyo (folk) singing competition. All participants (over 100) sing the song Akita Mago Uta. Takes place at Ouchi BOE every September.
  • Shinzawa Festival (新沢まつり). Watch actors recreate scenes from past feudal lords. Takes place every September 15th.
  • Choumin Festival (町民祭). Literally translated as the town people's festival. The people of Ouchi display their farming products and provide people with the opportunity to sample a variety of locally grown and produced products. Includes a tororo eating competition! Takes place from October 21st to November 1st every year.


  • Poporotei (ぽぽろ亭). A restaurant located beside Poporokko in Ouchi town. Serves ramen, soba, and various other dished. Tel: 0184-65-3477. 
  • Dewa Shokudō (出羽食堂). A similar style restaurant to Poporotei, located on the east side of the train station. Tel: 0184-65-3022.
  • Matsusushi (松寿し). Sushi restaurant open from 17:00 to 22:30, closed holidays and Wednesdays. Address: 岩谷町字堤下176-7, located near the BoE. Tel: 0184-65-2883.
  • Fukuzushi (福寿し). Sushi restaurant open from 17:00 to 23:00, closed on Sundays. Address: 岩谷町字日渡152-1, located near the Daily. Tel: 0184-65-3249.
  • Itokin Shokudō (いときん食堂). Open from 11:00 to 21:00. Address: 中田代字板井沢236-5, located near where R105 meets R29. Tel: 0184-67-2108.
  • Takahashi Shokudō (高橋食堂). Open from 11:00 to 21:00. Address: 中田代字本板井沢46-2, located close to Itokin Shokudō. Tel: 0184-67-2307.
  • Hanten Tonhairin (飯店とんはいりん). Open from 11:00 to 22:00. Address: 葛岡字町妻川原99. Tel: 0184-66-2633.
  • Shogetsuen (松月園). Open from 17:00 to 23:00. Address: 岩谷町字川端76-2. Tel: 0184-65-2873.
  • Soba Udon Kame (そばうどん亀). Open from 11:00 to 19:00. Address: 大内三川字三川35, located beside is Komeri. Tel: 0184-65-3289.
  • Soba Udon Kame (そばうどん亀). Open from 9:00 to 18:00. Located at Poporokko. Tel: 0184-62-0401.


  • Himawari (ひまわり). ☎ 0184-62-0831. In Poporokko. This shop stocks local foodstuffs including fresh fruit, vegetable, and rice. The prices are very reasonable.


List of all Yurihonjo onsen.

  • Poporokko "Kusunoki no Yu" (ぽぽろっこ「楠の湯」). ☎ 0184-62-1126. The source water is taken from Oyakawa no Yu (親川の湯), formerly known as Yōmeisen (養命泉), in Honjō over 2km north east. 10AM-9PM.
  • Kasumi Onsen (かすみ温泉). ☎ 0184-66-2418. On a back road south of Ouchi JHS. An onsen. 8:30AM-8:30PM.
  • Taki Onsen (滝温泉). ☎ 0184-67-2221. On Route 284, way down south near Higashiyuri. This onsen is supposed to help with minor pains and muscle injuries. Some suffers stay here long term. 9AM-5PM.
  • Kohabiro Kan (小羽広館). ☎ 0184-67-2542. On Route 29 south of Kamikawa Elementary School. This sulfur onsen opened in November 2002. 8:30AM-4:30PM.


Junior high schools

Elementary schools

Nursery schools

  • Iwaya Nursery School (岩谷保育園).
  • Shimokawa Ouchi Nursery School (下川大内保育園).
  • Kamikawa Ouchi Nursery School (上川大内保育園).
Number of students per year
Year Iwaya Elementary Ouchi Elementary Ouchi Junior High
2017-2018 178 115 162
2016-2017 174 124 173
2015-2016 161 133 182

Number of students per year
Year Iwaya Elementary Shimokawa Elementary Kamikawa Elementary Dewa Junior High Ouchi Junior High
2015-2016 161 85 48 - -
2014-2015 166 80 55 101 89
2013-2014 177 88 54 103 98
2012-2013 183 89 64 107 97
2011-2012 190 96 68 122 111
2010-2011 192 108 71 131 111
2009-2010 198 108 72 132 117
2008-2009 218 118 82 140 111
2007-2008 224 126 92 146 126

Ouchi used to be the home of Dewa Junior High School.

Board of Education

Yurihonjō Board of Education

Ouchi Branch Office

Akita ken
Yurihonjō shi
Iwaya machi
Aza Hiwatashi 100
Ouchi Hoken Center
Tel: 0184-65-2809
Fax: 0184-65-2841

Famous people

  • Mika Yamauchi (山内 美加). A former volleyball player who was a member of the Japan Women's National Team between 1992 and 1996.
  • Itō Hideshi (伊藤 秀志). A singer from the early eighties who has released albums regularly since then.


The Ouchi ALT visits all 4 schools. 2002 was the first year that Ouchi town got its first exclusive ALT. It was then the ALT also started visiting elementary schools. Before this, the ALT who visited Dewa JHS and Ouchi JHS also visited Nishime JHS.

Year ALT From
2015- Liam Fahy Clare, Ireland Ireland
2013-2015 Jasmine Wagner Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand
2011-2013 Zikon Leung Pakuranga, New Zealand New Zealand
2007-2011 Owen Cunningham Kilkenny, Ireland Ireland
2004-2007 Peter Hoover Ohio, USA United States of America
2002-2004 Douglas MacLean Nevada, USA United States of America
2001-2002 Frances Scrutton Scotland Scotland
?-2001 David Doolin Ireland Ireland

Getting there

  • The main road through Ouchi town is R105. Since late 2007 Ouchi can also be accessed by the new Expressway (IC) between Akita City and Nikaho.
  • Ugo-Iwaya Station (羽後岩谷駅) is on the Uetsu Main Line of JR East railway system. The station is located by Poporokko.

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