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Nikaho City
Nikaho in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area240.65 km²
Population26,999 (as of 2012-04-01)
TreeCedar (むら杉)
FlowerPersian Silk (ねむの花)
City emblem
City Hall
Address1 Aza-Hamanota, Kisakata
Nikaho, Akita 018-0113
(〒018-0192 秋田県にかほ市
Telephone☎ 0184-43-3200

Nikaho (にかほ市; -shi) is a city in southeast Akita Prefecture. The city of Nikaho is written in hiragana (にかほ), and the town of Nikaho (located within the city) is written in kanji (仁賀保).

Festivals & Events


  • Kisakata Entrance for Mount Chōkai. Great hike to the top of Mount Chōkai. Coming from the north on Route 7 take a left at road 58 (There is a sign for it) and then a right on road 131. Follow road 131 all the way to trail head. The hike time will vary greatly upon your own experience and the weather. You can probably expect it to take between 3 to 5 hours going up and 2 and half to 4 hours going down. It is also important to note that Mount Chōkai has two summits. Having a map or a basic understanding of the Chōkai trails is highly recommended.
  • Agariko Daiō (あがりこ大王). See the large 300 year old tree with a trunk of 7.62 metres. Located in Nakajimadai (中島台) on R58, east of Kisakata. Info (Japanese).
  • Children's Ferrite & Science Museum (フェライト子ども科学館). Homepage.
  • Naso Waterfall
  • Tsuchida Farm (土田牧場; tsuchida bokujō). Enjoy the seeing the animals, eating Jersey ice-cream or indulge in a feast of Jingisukan (ジンギスカン). Open Mar~Dec. More info.
  • TDK History Museum. A must-see for technology enthusiasts. Experience the famous TeamLab exhibit as well as see the history and the future of science and technology. Address: 〒018-0402 秋田県にかほ市平沢画書面15 (location). Open: Tuesday-Sunday, 10AM - 6PM. Info.


  • The Jolly Roger Bar. Located near the Kisakata train station. The bartender and staff are really great. The pirate theme is definitely apparent but not over the top. It also appears as though there is live music played occasionally. It has a great atmosphere, great drinks, and most importantly, great people.
  • Blue Pack Chōkai Ramen. As you drive into Kisakata on route 7 from the north, you will pass the road station on your right, about a minute after the road station, you will see a big blue sign that says Route 58. This road is also called the Blue Line (written in katakana). Drive up Route 58 (The Blue Line) until you come to a gas station (it takes maybe 10 minutes to get to the gas station from Route 7). At the intersection where the gas station is, take a right. Follow the road until it ends in a wall, park in front of the wall. The restaurant is on your left. It's worth driving all the way up just for the ramen, but in addition to the ramen, there is a beautiful waterfall (Naso Waterfall) that you can get to if you walk up the stairs in the wall.
  • Nodoka (農土香). The full name of this restaurant is 食育工房農土香 which translates to something like "Nutritional Education Workshop Nodoka". They serve excellent quality food, that has been prepared on site. The owner makes all his own udon, soba, and makes rice bread and rice bread pizzas. ☎ 0184-36-2509. Info (Japanese). Official Homepage (Japanese). Map: 秋田県にかほ市院内字ヒシカタ201-2.




  • Hamanasu Onsen (はまなす). Onsen, rotenburo and sauna. Located in Konoura Town. Tel: 0184-38-2246. Homepage.
  • Konoura Onsen (金浦温泉). This onsen used to be a school!


  • Ichie (いちゑ). Access to this onsen is restricted to people who have lunch (11am-1pm) or stay overnight. Lunch costs about ¥ 900 and includes price of onsen.
  • Gonohama Onsen (午ノ浜温泉). Open 9:00-21:00, closed on Wednesdays. 秋田県にかほ市三森字午ノ浜144-1
  • Kami no Yu Onsen (神の湯温泉). Open 13:00-22:00. Facilities include a power jet massager, point massager and a denkiburo (electric bath) sauna and cold bath. For washing only bars of soap are provided, but you can buy liquid soap at the reception. Male and female bath change daily between genki no yu (元気の湯) and chōju no yu (長寿の湯). 秋田県にかほ市平沢字家ノ後3


  • Ichie (いちゑ). A fancy and expensive onsen ryokan. Tel: 0184-37-2000 Homepage


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