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Location of Tohoku in Japan

Tohoku is the frozen north of Central Japan. Akita is located in Tohoku, and other Tohoku prefectures make great weekend destinations (especially on a 3-day weekend). Most places are accessible by train or car.

Tohoku Rokkonsai

Tohoku Rokkonsai is a festival held in a different prefecture of Tohoku every summer. It was started in 2011 to rebuild spirits after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The main event is a parade featuring the "big six" festivals of Tohoku, one from each prefecture: Nebuta (Aomori), Kanto (Akita), Sansa Odori (Morioka, Iwate), Hanagasa (Yamagata), Sendai Tanabata (Sendai, Miyagi) and Waraji (Fukushima).

Rokkonsai was held in Sendai in 2011, Morioka in 2012 and Fukushima in 2013.

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