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Iwate (岩手県; -ken) is the prefecture directly to the east of Akita. It is in the Tohoku region of Japan. Its capital is Morioka.



  • Beer Restaurant Ariv アリーブ(Morioka)
    岩手県盛岡市大通3-3-18 ホテル東日本B1
    Monday-Saturday 6:00-12:00, Sunday, Holidays: 6:00-11:00
    Pub style restaurant. Baeren Craft Beer (brewed in Morioka) on tap. About 5 minutes walk from Morioka station.
  • Sundance Tex-Mex サンダンス(Morioka)
    Lunch: mon-fri:11:30-2:00 Dinner: Mon-Thurs: 5:00-12:00, Fri,Sat.: 5:00-2:00
    Truly unique. Tex-mex food in an Irish pub atmosphere. Taco rice & a Guinness.
  • Iwate Kura Brewery いわて蔵 (Ichinoseki)
    ☎ 0191-21-1144
    Arguably the best microbrewery in Tohoku. You can sample their food and beer in the little restaurant opposite the gift shop. The are incredibly nice and welcoming, and the buildings in the brewery complex are beautiful.
  • Basie
    ☎ 0191-23-7331
    An Ichinoseki institution for more than 30 years. Certainly the most famous Jazz club in Iwate, and maybe in Tohoku. Features live sessions and concerts by very well known artists, as well as an insane amount of recordings. Recordings are played through the most expensive personal sound system north of Tokyo. The master is VERY picky. Personal conversation during sets is strictly prohibited.


  • Kitakami Etsuriko Kofun County Historical Sites 江釣子古墳群 (Kitakami City)
    ☎ 0197-77-2136
    Although not the most exciting place in Iwate, this certainly is interesting if you're interested in Japanese history. There are some artifacts here from every age back to the early stone age. The best items were recovered from the over 130 kofuns (burial mounds) located around the town. The mounds themselves range in size from small to moderately large, and are the northern-most examples of such mounds in the country. Drop by the historical center for a thorough explanation by the kind an knowledgeable staff (center closed on Mondays.) The surrounding town is beautiful and its certainly worth stopping by if you're in the area.
  • Taroshi Falls (たろし滝)
    See the frozen waterfall. Locals believe the thickness of the pillar of ice predicts the yield of rice for the year. It is measured on February 11th.
    Location in Hanamaki.
  • Geibi Gorge (げいび渓)
    Not to be confused with Genbi Gorge (see below), Geibi Gorge is a 2km gorge surrounded by high limestone cliffs, located to the east of Ichinoseki. "Geibi" means "lion's nose" and is the name of one of the rocks. You can take a 90 minute boat trip for 1,500 yen and listen to your boatman sing a local folk song, "Geibi Oiwake". Open all year round, with a kotatsu in winter.
    English information
  • Genbi Gorge (厳美渓)
    The smaller of the two gorges, Genbi Gorge is found to the west of Ichinoseki. It is famous for "flying dango", which is ordered by placing 400 yen in a small basket hanging from a zipline and sending it across the gorge to a shop on the other side of the river. Three sticks of dango and green tea will come flying back to you across the zipline.
  • Ryūsendō Cave (龍泉洞)
    Ryusendo Cave is one of the Three Great Limestone Caves in Japan and a national natural monument.
    Homepage (Jp)
    Info (Eng)


  • Ichinoseki National Craft Beer Festival (全国地ビールフェスティヴァル)
    This event takes place in down town Ichinoseki during one of the last weekends in August (Fri-Sun.) There are usually about 60 different breweries from all of the 47 prefectures in attendance. You can buy sheets of drink tickets for 2000yen which will buy either 8 sample size beers, or 6 normal size beers. Great food and live music are also on site.
  • Paragliding (マップスパラグライダースクール)
    Homepage (Japanese).


  • Hotel Odashima ホテル小田島 (Morioka)
    ☎ 019-622-3151
    Cost is about ¥3000. Includes breakfast. Within easy walking distance of down town area. Free parking available.

Craft Beer

  • Ginga Kogen Beer (銀河高原ビール) Nishi-waga. Homepage
  • Baeren Bier (ベアレンビール) Morioka. Homepage
  • Iwate Kura Brewery (いわて蔵ブルワリー) Ichinoseki. Homepage

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