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Gifu (岐阜県;-ken) is a prefecture in the Chubu region of Japan.

Gifu City(岐阜市)

  • Gifu Park(岐阜公園)
    public park located at the base of Mount Kinka in the city of Gifu, Gifu, Japan. Inside the park, there are many attractions, including Gifu Castle, Mount Kinka, the Mt. Kinka Ropeway, the Gifu City Museum of History, the Eizō & Tōichi Katō Memorial Art Museum, and the Nawa Insect Museum. In 2006, it was selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Public Historical Parks.
  • Nawa Insect Museum(名和昆虫博物館)
    〒500-8003 岐阜県岐阜市大宮町2-18
    fee: Adults: 500yen Children: 400yen
  • Giant Buddha
    The giant Buddha in Gifu city took 37 years to complete. It was built around the base of a single ginko tree. Layers of prayers written on paper from all around the country were paper-mached over top a skeleton of bamboo, then lacquered and covered in gold leaf.
  • Cormorant Fishing
    Between May-October, you can watch Cormorant Fishing (ukai) on the Nagara River. They have trained cormorants (type of bird), at night, fishing. Teams of leashed birds together by a handler. The boats have "lanterns" that attract the fish (ayu..I think). About 3000 yen/person. You do need to make a reservation. The actual tour is in Japanese (don't worry, not much to say), but the site has English. Also fun are the boats that come along side to sell drinks and food if you forgot to bring your own supply.

Wara Town (和良町)

Tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Has a nice michinoeki, which is within walking distance of 3 awesome treasures

  • Giant Salamanders (ハンザキ) - can apparently be found in the river just opposite the michinoeki (must be proper season I guess)
  • Snake Cave (蛇穴) - (just up the road a piece from the michinoeki.
  • Devil's Skull (鬼の首) - down the main road from the michinoeki, right across from the elementary/junior high school. Closes every day at around 3:30 so make sure to get there before that.

Hida-Takayama (飛騨/高山)

  • Hida craft village
    Home to many little shops and a few museum-type things. Including the forest of 8 lucky gods, the Teddy Bear Eco-village, The Museum with Uranium glass, and the recreation gassho style village. A bit expensive to see some of these things. Except the uranium glass, if you miss it you'll regret it forever.
  • Hida Kori Kori no Kuni Brewery(飛騨古里古里の国)
    Completely solar powered brewery. They usually offer 2 or 3 standard types of beer plus a seasonal selection. The food seems good and is reasonably priced. If you eat in the restaurant you can get a sampler set of all the beers being offered at a reasonable price.
  • Takayama Historical District
    Great town for walking around in. Lost of historical homes, buildings, temples, and shrines to see. The soba is particularly good. There is supposed to be a nice waterfall around there somewhere.
  • Garyu Zakura, Sleeping Dragon Cherry tree (臥龍桜)
    2nd oldest cherry tree in the country. Said to resemble a slumbering dragon. Blooms into late April and early May.
  • Country Cafe
    Small log cabin located on the mountain road between Gifu City and Hida/Takayama. Just a few miles from the michi no eki. Beautiful interior, with some good food, good coffee, and a wood burning stove to keep you warm. The couple that owns this place are awesome. Talk to them, you won't regret it.

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