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This is a place where you can get some inside tips from fellow Akitans on where to go, how to get there, and what to do once you arrive. No doubt there are more thorough guides about Japan out there, but all of the info here has been tested personally by a fellow Akita JET. That's how you know it's good.

Once you come back from a trip to a different prefecture, help others out by leaving the best bits of info you got. Cheapest or most efficient travel methods, restaurant recommendations, festival advice, accommodation/onsen recommendations, and other general info.

Choose the area of Japan you want to visit from the list below and then click on the appropriate prefecture.

Regions in Japan

  1. Hokkaido
  2. Tohoku
  3. Kanto
  4. Chubu
  5. Kansai
  6. Chugoku
  7. Shikoku
  8. Kyushu
  9. Okinawa

Travel in Akita

The individual pages for towns within Akita Prefecture contain information about local hot spots, recommended restaurants and points of interest. In addition to the information available on the wiki, check out the Akita JET Guide Map, an interactive Google My Maps map. Both resources are updated by JET Program participants in Akita, so be sure to keep these pages up to date with new information and recommendations.

You can find links to individual pages for regions in Akita below.

Akita Prefecture
Northern Akita Fujisato • Happō • Kamikoani • Kazuno • Kitaakita • Kosaka • Mitane • Noshiro • Ōdate
Central Akita Akita City • Gojōme • Hachirōgata • Ikawa • Katagami • Oga  • Ōgata  • Semboku
Southern Akita Daisen • Higashinaruse • Misato • Nikaho • Ugo • Yokote • Yurihonjō • Yuzawa

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