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Car leasing is quite popular in Japan. They can be quite cost effective when compared to buying a car.


When leasing a car you can look for "Komi Komi" (コミコミ) which is a term commonly used to refer to an all-inclusive lease package. It stands for "complete" or "comprehensive," meaning that the lease package typically includes various costs and services associated with leasing a car. The exact details of what is included in a Komi Komi" lease can vary depending on the leasing company and the specific terms of the lease agreement, but here are some common inclusions and things to check for before leasing:

  1. Monthly Payments: The lease payments are bundled into a fixed monthly fee.
  2. Vehicle Maintenance: Routine maintenance costs, such as oil changes, inspections, and scheduled servicing.
  3. Insurance: Basic insurance coverage, including liability insurance.
  4. Road Tax: The annual vehicle road tax.
  5. Shaken (車検) Renewal: The Shaken is a mandatory vehicle inspection required in Japan, and the lease package may cover the cost of Shaken renewal during the lease term.
  6. Unlimited Mileage
  7. Replacement Vehicle: In case of a breakdown or maintenance that requires an extended period, the leasing company may provide a replacement vehicle.
  8. 24/7 Roadside Assistance.
  9. Vehicle Registration: The initial vehicle registration costs.
  10. Comprehensive Support: Some lease packages may offer additional support and services, such as assistance with tolls or navigation systems.

Where to lease a car

Although many places in Akita actually lease cars, sometimes it can be difficult to find information about them online. As of 2023, you can expect to pay around ¥30,000 per month for a 4WD white plate car. Yellow plate (kei cars) will be a little cheaper.

The following places lease both new and old cars:

Online leasing

Online leasing is also an option.

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