Odate-Noshiro Airport

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Odate Noshiro Airport

Odate-Noshiro Airport (大館能代空港) (IATA: ONJ) is a third-class airport in Kitaakita.


Odate-Noshiro Airport was built in 1998 in order to expand business and tourism to the northern part of Akita Prefecture. The airport code is ONJ.

Scheduled Flights

As of May, 2011, ANA is currently the only airline operating at Odate-Noshiro Airport and runs four total flights per day to and from Haneda Airport (Tokyo). There was summertime service to Itami (Osaka), and Shinchitose (Sapporo), but this is no longer and it seems as if that service will not return.

Flight Timetable (for 9/18/21 - 10/30/21):

Flight Number Aircraft Odate-Noshiro (Departure) Haneda (Arrival)
ANA720 Boeing 737-800 11:05 12:25
ANA722 Boeing 737-800 14:50 16:05
ANA724 Airbus A320 18:15 19:30
Flight Number Aircraft Haneda (Departure) Odate-Noshiro (Arrival)
ANA719 Boeing 737-800 09:20 10:30
ANA721 Boeing 737-800 13:05 14:15
ANA723 Airbus A320 16:10 17:20

NOTE: This information is taken from the Odate-Noshiro Airport website. This information may be out of date! Always confirm with your airline before making travel plans.


The control tower
The approach lights over the Isedotai Site

Odate-Noshiro Airport (大館能代空港)
〒018-3454 秋田県北秋田市脇神カラムシ岱21-144 (map)
☎ 0186-62-5330


Rail Line

  • Akita Nairiku Line
    • Jōmon Ogata Station (縄文小ヶ田駅)(about a 30 minute walk)
      • One can take a standby taxi from the airport to Ogata Station, but a taxi will need to be arranged if traveling from the station to the airport as there are none standing by. The station is simply a hut next to the rail tracks, and it has no staff, heating, nor air conditioning (although the Jōmon Museum is only a short walk away).
  • Ou Line
    • Takanosu Station (about 10 minutes by car)
      • This is the nearest JR station. A trip by bus would be about 15 minutes.

By Car

Odate-Noshiro Airport is easily accessible by car, and unlike Akita Airport or Aomori Airport, parking is free!
Just be careful, because the gates to the main parking lots are locked in the evening. Meaning that if your car is parked in one of the main lots, it will be stuck there until the gates are opened again in the morning. You can get around this by parking in the small lot by the traffic signal which is open 24/7.

Naming Issue

The airport was named after the two largest and economically significant cities in northern Akita: Noshiro in the northwest and Ōdate in the northeast. However, given the airport is located in Kitaakita, locals prefer not to call it by the official name. Rather, most people outside of Noshiro and Ōdate in northern Akita refer to the airport as Akita Kita Airport. Some signage in Kitaakita identifies the airport by the unofficial name, so consider this when searching for the airport.

Shops and Facilities

The following establishments operate out of the Odate-Noshiro Airport terminal.

  • Port One

This café/restaurant is located on the second floor directly in front of you as you climb the stairs to the departure lobby. They offer various coffees and soft drinks, as well as a variety of food options for lunch. Because there are only two departing flights per day, the waitstaff will often notify you if your departure time draws close!

  • Café Piccolo

This open café is located on the first floor next to the check-in counter. A recent addition to the terminal building. This is a small shop that also serves drinks.


This shop is located on the second floor next to security. A wide range of local goods and produce are available for purchase here.

Roadside Station

The airport terminal building, located on Route 234, also functions as Roadside Station - Odate-Noshiro Airport (道の駅大館能代空港; Michi no Eki Ōdate Noshiro Kūkō). The stamp is available at the entrance next to Café Piccolo.

While the airport is completely closed off after 9PM, there is a separate section of the parking lot with vending machines and bathrooms open 24/7.


One wouldn't think it, but the airport has some of the best recreation facilities in Kitaakita. On the west end of the airport, there are tennis courts, basketball courts, a driving range, a jogging track, and a club house with table tennis equipment and meeting rooms.

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