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Kitaakita City Hall - Moriyoshi Branch Office
The boundaries of the moriyoshi district
Old flag of Moriyoshi Town
Sewer drain covers in Moriyoshi - clockwise from top: Mt. Moriyoshi, Hamabe-no-Uta Hall, Sankai Falls

Moriyoshi (森吉) is a district (地区; -chiku) in Kitaakita, Akita, Japan. Before the Kitaakita City merger, the area encompassed by Moriyoshi District used to be the autonomous municipality of Moriyoshi Town (町; -machi). In March 2005, Moriyoshi merged with Takanosu Town, Ani Town, and Aikawa Town to form Kitaakita City.


Prior to Moriyoshi Town's conglomeration into Kitaakita, the town was the result of its own conglomeration in 1956 between Yonaizawa Town (米内澤町) and Maeda Village (前田村). Yonaizawa Town was born in 1902 when it got upgraded from Yonaizawa Village (米内澤村). Today, the distinction between the Yonaizawa and Maeda hamlets can still be seen. Moriyoshi was named after the nearby mountain which can been seen throughout the former town on any sunny day. It can also be seen quite well from Aikawa's Hokuonomori Park and parts of Takanosu. Moriyoshi is also contains Lake Taihei, a reservoir and source of drinking water for the city. Lake Taihei is the site of a foliage festival in October of each year.

Moriyoshi is also the birthplace of Akita's only top-league sumo wrestler, 豪風 (Takekaze). Takekaze retired from professional sumo after posting a winning record in the Nagoya Basho in 2017. He is currently the Stablemaster at Oshiogawa Stable (押尾川部屋; Oshiogawa-beya).

Location and Population

Moriyoshi is located in the central and eastern parts of Kitaakita. Moriyoshi has an area of 341.88km². The population in 2005 was 7,421, giving the former town a population density of 21.7 persons per km².


Ani Maeda Station, where Quince Moriyoshi is located
  • Quince Moriyoshi (クウィンス森吉)
This onsen is actually located in the Ani Maeda train station. It's a good onsen, and though it lacks a cold water bath and a sauna, it does have a nice steam room. A flood in 2007 caused the outdoor bath and the steam room to only work intermittently, but they are now both in proper condition. In any case if you have any desire lie naked, spread-eagled on a stone floor with kindly older folk, this would be the place to do it.
To get to this onsen by car, drive south from Takanosu for 35 minutes (going the speed limit). You will come to a Sunkus on the left hand side of the road. Turn left here. Drive a little ways down the road, cross the bridge and take a left immediately after the bridge. If you pass the man made out of tires on the right hand side of the road, you have gone too far. Assuming you made the correct left hand turn, drive straight until you see a green roofed building. This is the train station. It is also the onsen. Congratulations. Park your car. If you are coming by train, get off at the Ani Maeda station. This is also the onsen. Congratulations. You do not need to park your car, because you came by train. Strawberry milk is sold at this onsen.
秋田県北秋田市小又字堂ノ下21-2 Homepage ☎ 0186-60-7000
  • Moriyoshi Sansō (森吉山荘)
This onsen is really tucked away. To get there, follow the directions provided for Quince Eki Onsen, but after you cross the bridge, keep going. You should pass the man made from tires. Don't ask this man for directions. He is made of tires, he is physically incapable of communication. Simply drive past him. Drive for a long time, but less than an hour. You will pass a dam. You will also pass the turn off for Moriyoshi Ski Area. Moriyoshi Sansō is on your left. Good stopping off point for hiking to many waterfalls. The front desk has maps. Its a beautiful onsen. You can stay overnight for cheap. I can't remember quite what baths this onsen has. This is because I was drunk. The outdoor bath is beautiful. Strawberry milk is sold at this onsen. Homepage ☎ 0186-76-2334. Open daily 10:00-16:00 . Address: 〒018-4511 秋田県北秋田市森吉字湯ノ岱14−1
  • Soma Onsen Ryokan (杣温泉旅館)
Offers a small indoor bath, and a beautiful mixed rotemburo. Located behind Moriyoshi Sansō. Open 7:00-20:00, cost ¥400. ☎ 0186-76-2311. Address: 秋田県北秋田市森吉字湯ノ岱川向湯ノ沢7 Homepage
  • Ayukko (あゆっこ)
Open 6:00-22:00, cost ¥350. ☎ 0186-72-3265. Address: 秋田県北秋田市米内沢字柳原39-1 Homepage


Tanabata Fire Festival
  • Tanabata Fire Festival (たなばた火まつり): August 7.
This festival is held on the banks of the Ani River, near Animaeda Station, in the sleepy Animaeda hamlet in Moriyoshi. For one evening, the hamlet comes alive and alight with fireworks and more.


Sankai Falls

Sankai Falls and Lake Taihei (三階滝; Sankai-taki and 太平湖; Taihei-ko)

This is one of three famous waterfalls in Kitaakita, alongside Yasu Falls and Doudou Falls. You can get here by following the directions to Moriyoshi Sansō, but keep driving past the onsen. After navigating a winding mountain road with numerous switchbacks, you'll arrive at Lake Taihei Green House. No, this isn't an actual greenhouse for growing, but instead a visitor center for Lake Taihei - a man-made lake created upon completion of the Moriyoshi Dam. Purchase tickets at the Green House for the Lake Taihei Ferry which will take you across the lake to the start of the hiking trail. The ferry takes the scenic route out (30 minutes), and the quick route back (15 minutes).
Once the ferry lets you off, it's about a 45 minute hike through the breathtaking Komata Gorge. Like Yasu Falls, autumn is the best time of year to come (to appreciate the fall colors). Late spring is also recommended. At the end of the course, Sankai Falls awaits you in three-tiered-glory! Indeed, "Sankai" is Japanese for "three steps." Take a load off and appreciate the beauty of nature before returning to the ferry launch point.
Be warned: the hardest part of the Sankai Falls trek is after you alight the ferry on the return trip, and you have to climb the steps back to Green House!!
Your ferry ticket stubs are good for a discount at Moriyoshi Sansō, though, so go rest those weary legs.

Ferry Hours: One departure every hour on the half-hour, 9:30 to 15:30
(recommend not leaving it to the very last one!)
Price: ¥1200/person
Operating Season: June 1st - End of October
Green House Restaurant: Currently not operating

Toudou Falls

Toudou Falls (桃洞滝; Tōdō-taki)

One of three famous waterfalls in Kitaakita, alongside Yasu Falls and Sankai Falls.
Green Peak Season: Mid-May to Mid-June
Fall Colors Peak Season: Early- to Mid-October

Hamabe no Uta Hall (浜辺の歌音楽館; Hamabe-no-uta Ongaku-kan)

A hall dedicated to Narita Tamezō, composer of the famous song 浜辺の歌 (Hamabe no Uta).
Address: 秋田県北秋田市米内沢字寺の下17-4
Hours: 10:00〜17:00
Closed: Mondays, 3rd Sundays, New Years Holidays
Maeda Minami Station

Maeda Minami Station (前田南駅; Maeda Minami Eki)

This unmanned station is located on the Akita Nairiku Line one station south of Ani Maeda Station. It has recently enjoyed popularity from both film connoisseurs and train aficionados, because of its resemblance to the station in the film 君の名は (Kimi no na wa).

Moriyoshi Tire Man

See: Moriyoshi Tire Man
A famous denizen of Moriyoshi

Moriyoshi Ski Resort

See: Moriyoshi Ski Resort
A closed ski resort on the north face of Mt. Moriyoshi. The equipment is all gone, but climbers/backcountry skiers occasionally make use of the old, cleared runs.


Cafe tei i-na (カフェ亭i-naいーな): (location)

Contemporary but rustic aesthetic, offers a limited menu more for snacking rather than full-sized meals, but good for kids. Owner travels from Tokyo often but is looking to invite more English speakers when possible. Located just around the corner from Yonaizawa Elementary School. It is attached to the same building as the A-Coop market.
Hours vary, your best bet is to check the store when the hours are posted.
Address: 〒018-4301 秋田県北秋田市米内沢出向47
Telephone: 0186-67-7201

Ebiyasu Shokudō (えびやす食堂): (location)

Offers typical Japanese set meals, relatively a Japanese no-frills restaurant. The menu offerings include ramen, udon, donburi bowls and several others. Their specialty is their donkatsu shokudo, though their pork cutlet bowl is recommended and comes as a hearty portion.
They also serve typical Japanese shokudo offerings like Katsu Curry, Omurice, and chahan (Fried Rice), all of which are also very tasty.
To access this restaurant is a little tricky. Google Maps will not take you to the parking lot, you'll need to access it using an entrance in the south. It shares the same parking lot as the Moriyoshi community center. The sign is usually not lit, but you'll see the lights on in the dining room if it's open.
Address: 〒018-4301 秋田県北秋田市米内沢薬師下95-3
Telephone: 0186-72-3380
Hours: 10:30-18:00 daily.

Izakaya Kashiwa (居酒屋かしわ): (location)

One of the few izakayas in Moriyoshi and one of the few restaurants in the Maeda area. Tucked away on one of the side streets, menu is hard to find if any but food is supposed to be good and owner is very friendly.
Address: 〒018-4513 秋田県北秋田市小又下川原66

Matsuya (松家): (location)

The other izakaya in Moriyoshi, located across the Animaeda train stop and off one of the major veins through Maeda. Looks to be open only in the evenings.
Address: 〒018-4513 秋田県北秋田市小又下川原109
Ramen Menjirō

Ramen Menjirō(らーめん 麺次郎)

This ramen joint is located next door to フライト, a local convenience store on Rt 285 on the way to Akita City from the Itoku/The Big shopping plazas in Takanosu. A variety of ramen dishes are on offer here, including a choice between white miso and red miso. You can even customize your orders with choices between mild or rich soup stock and thin or thick noodles. The interior is also quite spacious. Recommended.
Hours: 11:00~19:30
Address: 〒018-4301 秋田県北秋田市米内沢大野岱12-1

Rokubee (ろくべえ): (location)

Advertises delivering gourmet food at affordable prices, while boasting a wide variety of sake. This place also offers horse meat. They also have a very limited menu depending on what's available during the season.
Address: 〒018-4301 秋田県北秋田市米内沢寺ノ下2-13
Telephone: 0186-72-5338
Hours: 5:30-23:00 daily, closed Sundays.

Sakura (佐久ら): (location)

A soba shop with a "Kyoto vibe"
Address: 〒018-4301 秋田県北秋田市米内沢薬師下24
Telephone: 0186-72-3452

Topaz (とぱーず): (location)

A cozy snack bar that offers a lunch menu as well. Neapolitan pasta is a favorite amongst regulars.
Address: 〒018-4301 秋田県北秋田市米内沢伊勢ノ森 字伊勢ノ森37−10
Telephone: 0186-72-4927


Mirai (スナック未来): (location)

A bit of a tucked away spot, but a cozy dive bar right across the street from Lawson (you can park there too). You can find some couches for groups, a bar area, as well as a tatami room for larger parties as well as darts and open karaoke.
Address: 〒018-4303 秋田県北秋田市本城中島75-2
Telephone: 0186-72-3372


Family Mart The Ani Maeda Family Mart is the Meet Spot for Moriyoshi Town (See Hiking) at the southern end of Moriyoshi Town.

Ani Maeda Family Mart is located at the intersection between Route 105 and Route 214/309. To the west of the intersection, the road is Route 214, which connects Route 105 to Route 285 in Kamikoani (at the Roadside Station). To the east of the intersection, the road is 309, which leads to Mount Moriyoshi and Lake Taihei.


Moriyoshi area has one junior high school and two elementary schools.

Moyiroshi area was also home to the following former schools.

High Schools

Junior High Schools

Elementary Schools

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