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Ani Ski Resort (阿仁スキー場)

Located on the south side of Mt. Moriyoshi is Ani Ski Resort, one of the best and most easily accessible ski resorts in Akita. Currently, Ani Ski Resort is the only operating Ski Resort on Mt. Moriyoshi, although there used to be Moriyoshi Ski Resort on the opposite side of the mountain. Like Moriyoshi Ski Resort, Ani Ski Resort operates under a contract stipulating that should Ani Ski Resort ever cease operations, the lifts and equipment must all be removed and the mountain returned to nature "as it was" before the ski resort existed. Ani Ski Resort continues to operate at a loss because it costs less to continue operations than it does to tear down the equipment.

The resort has two lifts and one long, slow gondola. Using the resort's gondola, one can climb to the top of Mt. Moriyoshi in an hour or two. From Ani Ski Resort's gondola, one can also take the Frozen Tree Tour in the winter months, an activity popular among the locals.

A one day pass at Ani is ¥3,300 and a four hour pass is ¥2,500 for adults. If you want to take the gondola for mountain climbing or viewing the frozen trees, it is ¥1,500 roundtrip for adults. The resort includes a ski rental shop and cafe.

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