Ou Line

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Northern section of Ou Line

The Ou Main Line (奥羽本線) is a rail line which runs from Fukushima City, Fukushima prefecture, across Akita Prefecture, and ends at Aomori City, Aomori prefecture.

Rail Line Data

  • Length: Fukushima City to Aomori City 484.5km
  • Rail Gauge: 1067mm (1435mm where joined with Shinkansen)
  • Stations
    • Passenger Stations: 100 (including terminus)
    • Passenger Stations in Akita: 46
    • Cargo Stations: 2 (Tsuchizaki Station & Akita Port Station)

Double Track Sections: 13 Electrification Sections: all passenger stations

Form of Service

The entire line is under one name, but it actually operates in four separate segments.

Fukushima Station ~ Shinjo Station

Shinjo Station ~ Omagari Station This segment passes from Yamagata prefecture to Yuzawa, Yokote, Misato, and into Daisen. One train, either regular or express, will pass every hour or two.

Omagari Station ~ Akita Station The Akita Shinkansen also operates on this line and requires a wider rail gauge along this segment. Therefore, one will find three parallel rails along the tracks in this segment.

Akita Station ~ Aomori Station Except for some special and large trains, this segment is actually broken into three sub-segments: Akita Station~Ōdate Station, Ōdate Station~Hirosaki Station, Hirosaki Station~Aomori Station. Only two or three trains make the full trip from Akita Station to Aomori Station daily.

Stops in Akita Prefecture: