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Noshiro City
Noshiro in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area526.95 km²
Population54,576 (as of 2016-02-01)
City emblem
City Hall
Address1-3 Uemachi, Noshiro
Akita 016-8501
(〒016-8501 秋田県
Telephone☎ 0185-52-2111

Noshiro (能代市; -shi) is a city located in northwestern Akita Prefecture. The city merged with the town of Futatsui in 2006 to form the new city of Noshiro.
This page primarily contains information about the city of Noshiro. For information of Futatsui Machi, please see the Futatsui page.

Noshiro is known throughout Japan for the basketball team of Noshiro Technical High School.
Visitors should note that Noshiro Station serves central Noshiro, but note that Noshiro Station is not on the Ou Line to Akita, meaning a transfer at Higashi-Noshiro Station is needed. Noshiro and Higashi-Noshiro are connected by a 5-minute shuttle train which is usually timed to coincide with the Ou Line trains headed for Akita City or Ōdate.

Festivals & Events

  • Noshiro New Bride Marching Festival, April 8
  • Noshiro Kite Making Competition, April 26
  • Cherry Blossoms, Late April, early May
    Best viewing in Noshiro Park Map or Kimimachizaka Map
  • Futatsui Omikoshi Festival, May 3
    It takes over 40 people to haul Futatsui's supremely heavy shrine all over town while partaking in drink. The portable shrine is one of the heaviest in the area, weighing in at over a ton!
  • Noshiro Basketball Tournament, Golden Week
    Noshiro is famous for its basketball prowess. During Golden Week, the home team takes on a gaijin team from America.
  • Noshiro Taiko Festival, early June
    All day festival down at the port, by the Hamanasu wall. Groups from all over Akita attend, including the Namahage group from Oga. Festival runs from 10am to 3pm.
    Previous festival dates: June 8, 2008 (Sunday)
  • Noshiro Omikoshi Festival, July 27 (2008)
    Starting from Hiyoshi Shrine (日吉神社) 〒016-0815 秋田県能代市御指南町3−24(Map) men carry a heavy portable shrine throughout town. This is followed by several huge heavy pedestals on wheels, which are pulled through the streets on ropes. Opening festivities start around 9:30 am, and the shrine is returned to Hiyoshi around 7pm after spending a few hours at the shrine in Noshiro Park. (Hiyoshi Shrine blog)
  • Children's Tanabata, Aug 3
    Whimsical floats, based on cartoon characters and made by hand in each neighborhood, are pulled around town. Opening ceremonies at 6:20, float pulling from 7-8pm.
  • Tanabata, Aug 6-7
    Observed all over Japan, come see how we celebrate Tanabata in Noshiro with huge castle-shaped floats lit from within and pulled through the streets at night. The second night, the fish-shaped top of the floats are taken to the Yoneshiro river and burned on the water. First night float pulling at 7:20, second night fire at 8:30.
  • Mini Tanabata, Aug 7 or 8
    Based out of Nibuna, a small outskirt village of Futatsui, a miniaturized version of the Noshiro Tanabata. Each section of the village prepares and brings its own float, some coming from as far as Tashiro (near Kamikoani). Nibuna also holds bon-odori by the Yoneshiro River.
  • Futatsui's Nibuna Dance Festival(仁鮒ささら踊), Aug 13-14 (2008)
    To pray for a bountiful year. South of the river on the 203
  • Futatsui's Mokkun Festival, Aug 15
    A small-town affair with food stalls, yosakoi, and fireworks.
  • Onagori Festival, second weekend in September
    Say goodbye to summer in this smorgasbord festival, a medley of festival activities from Tohoku (and slightly beyond). Yearly favorites include a float from Aomori's Nebuta Festival and scantily-clad Brazillian dancers from Tokyo.
  • Kazenomatsubara Festival, last weekend in September
    Takes place by the 大森稲荷神社 on this map. Join townspeople in a forest clearing to enjoy Kiritanpo and listen to taiko.
  • Kimimachi Marathon, third weekend in October, in Futatsui
    Cost to register: ¥2500
    21km, 10km, 4km routes to run. Also includes festival with mochi pounding, taiko, yosakoi, food stalls, and local craft sales.

Note: Exact yearly dates subject to change.

Sightseeing & Activities

  • Kazenomatsubara (風の松原). website. 秋田県能代市元町14−6. (map). Over 1km wide and 14km long, "Wind of Matsubara", this Japanese black pine forest was planted to protect Noshiro from coastal erosion. Now features beautiful and seemingly endless trails for walking and cycling complete with maps, a square, field athletics course and one or two shrines. In 1996 it was designated as one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan (日本の音風景100選) by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Noshiro Kankō-Kōkai (観光協会). website. ☎ 0185-88-8802. 〒016-0831 秋田県能代市元町13−14. (map). Noshiro's tourism information centre. The guy here worked as a taxi driver in Tokyo for years, and his English is excellent. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of Noshiro. 09:00-17:30.
  • Noshiro Sports Center (能代スポーツセンター). website. ☎ 0185-52-0154. 秋田県能代市元町14−6 能代スポーツセンター. (map). Noshiro's bowling alley complete with baseball batting cages. Reasonable prices and a fun time every time!
  • Noshiro Yamamoto Sports Resort Center Arinas (能代山本スポーツリゾートセンター アリナス). website. ☎ 0185-54-9200. 〒016-0014 秋田県能代市落合字下台2番地1. (map). More simply known as "Arinas", this is the sports centre for the area. Facility includes a training room, large gymnasium, indoor running track and swimming pool. Equipment access: ¥300.
  • Noshiro Community Swimming Pool (能代市役所 市民プール). website. ☎ 0185-54-9445. 〒016-0804 秋田県能代市万町8−50. (map). City swimming pool, that also has a large outdoor pool. Closes for the winter months. 10:00-19:00 on weekends, 13:00-19:00 on weekdays. The outdoor pool is open from 10:00-sunset.
  • Energium Park (エナジアムパーク). website. ☎ 0185-52-2956. 〒016-0807 秋田県能代市大森山1−6. (map). Half park, half power station, so you get the best of both worlds. Includes an indoor arboretum under a glass dome, as well as an outdoor wading pool and free stilts! There's also a small museum here dedicated to Noshiro's festivals and famous kites.
  • Noshiro Rocket Testing Center (能代ロケット実験場; Noshiro Roketto Jikkenjo). website. ☎ 0185-52-7123. 〒016-0179 秋田県能代市浅内字下西山1. (map). A Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) facility. This is also the site of the legendary Noshiro Space Event which happens in August every year. Tours are available for free, but reservations must be made.
  • Noshiro City General Gymnasium (能代総合体育館). website. ☎ 0185-54-3607‎. 〒016-0803 秋田県能代市大町9−53. (map). A large gymnasium that hosts a variety of sporting events. The Akita Northern Happinets also play a few games every year here. 09:00-21:30.
  • Noshiro Basketball Library and Museum (能代バスケミュージアム). website. ☎ 0185-88-8876. 〒016-0821 秋田県能代市畠町11−23. (map). Learn about the basketball town of Noshiro and basketball. All the local and regional basketball news and events can be found here. 09:30-18:00.
  • Community Center (文化会館). website. ☎ 0185-54-8141. 〒016-0842 秋田県能代市追分町4−26. (map). The cultural center of Noshiro. Venue for a variety of cultural events including several concerts.
  • Yoneshiro River (米代川). This is the main river than runs through the city and offers pleasant bike paths along both sides of the river.

Bars & Restaurants


  • Genkiya Ramen (元気屋). website. ☎ 0185-55-3051. 〒016-0186 秋田県能代市字下野13−4. (map). Great ramen shop with an even greater ramen selection. 11:00-22:00.
  • Jūhachi-ban Ramen (十八番ラーメン). website. ☎ 0185-52-7535. 〒016-0842 秋田県能代市追分町2−50. (map). Noshiro's famous and legendary ramen shop. If you are lucky enough to get one of the 16 seats (usually there is a queue out the door) you will be lucky enough to try one of the 3 types of ramen this shop offers. The owners may refuse to serve noisy children or students in uniform. 11:00-14:00 (Lunch only). Closed on Wednesdays, weekends and holidays.
  • Nonki (能紀). ☎ 0185-54-4461. 〒016-0891 能代市西道理町2-3. (map). This is an absolutely fantastic yakitori restaurant that is guaranteed to be busy. If you are in a group phoning ahead is recommended to get seats. If you are a fan of yakitori this is absolutely not to be missed.
  • Katsuretsu An (かつれつ庵). ☎ 0185-54-8446. 住所: 〒016-0183 秋田県能代市中柳21−7. (map). Great family run restaurant that is well known for its quality and generous portions. As the name suggests, pork katsu is their specialty. If you are truly hungry, the katsu curry will not disappoint.
  • Meat Factory (ミートファクトリー). ☎ 0185-88-8388. 〒016-0103 秋田県能代市字宮ノ前51−1. (map). High quality steakhouse, definitely some of the best steaks in town. 11:30~14:30(L.O.14:00) 17:30~21:00(L.O.20:30) Open for lunch on Sundays, closed on Mondays.
  • Beau Neige (ボーネージュ). ☎ 0185-54-4452. 〒016-0878 秋田県能代市臥竜山36−9. (map). This is the place to go for decent Italian food. The garlic toast is nigh on the best in Japan, and the "Sicilian" eggplant pasta is particularly tasty as well. 10:00-22:00. Closed on Mon.
  • Defer (デュフェール). ☎ 0185-88-8336. As you exit Noshiro Station turn right and walk north for one minute.. 〒016-0816、秋田県能代市富町55−7. (map). Discreet and classy French restaurant in central Noshiro. The chef/master trained in France which makes for a spectacularly delicious menu. The maximum occupancy is around 12 people, so if in a group or on a Saturday night reservations might be best.
  • Ogawatei (おがわ亭). ☎ 0185-52-1916. 〒016-0891 能代市西どり町1-7. (map). Cozy place to get some good, hand-made grub. Chef Ogawa spent the years after college hitchhiking through North America, Europe and India, and brought back tasty cuisine from each. He also speaks a fair bit of English. Try the Indo Curry, which is actually spicy, crab croquettes, and spring rolls, which are sublime. Other unique offerings on hand include: pig's ear, grilled lamb, and Newcastle beer. Mon-Fri 11:30-14:00, 17:00-23:00. Sat 17:00-23:00. Closed on Sun.
  • Merukato (メルカート). website. ☎ 0185-54-7500. 能代市下瀬33-5. (map). Restaurant
  • Bali-ya (バリ島雑貨). website. ☎ 0185-54-1045. 秋田県能代市落合上前田179. (map). Great Bali-themed cafe to beat the heat in the summertime. Creative coffees served, small food plates available. Great mango kaki-gori in the summertime. 11:00-20:00.
  • Iki (粋). website. ☎ 0185-53-5243. 〒016-0822, 秋田県能代市東町8−9. (map). Quality Japanese restaurant, very popular on weekends so making a reservation is advised. 17:00-0.00.
  • Hokkai-ya (北海屋). ☎ 0185-52-9064. Just off Yanagimachi. 〒016-0825 秋田県能代市柳町8−10. (map). Hokkaido themed ramen restaurant. 11:00-14:00, 15:30-20:30.
  • Hisaya (ヒサヤ大食堂). website. ☎ 0185-54-3229. 秋田県能代市上町7−18 ヒサヤ大食堂. (map). Little hole in the wall with an intimate feel. Has a small but excellent menu of Chinese food. The master lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, and can speak some Cantonese. Also try some of the red Chinese liquor he's got in a big earthen jug on the bar. 11:45-14:00, 17:30-22:30, closed 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of every month.
  • Blueberry (ブルーベリー). ☎ 0185-53-3946. (map). Noshiro's best kept secret. Hidden among the backstreets, this cute (and I do mean *cute*) little eatery serves great pasta and lunch sets. 11:00-15:00, 17:00-21:00, closed Mondays and other times that vary at the owners discretion.
  • Himaru (インドカレーヒマール). ☎ 0185-74-6550. 2F, 8-1 柳町 能代市 秋田県 016-0825. (map). Curry restaurant ran by Nepalese immigrants. What makes this place special is the large portions and the amount of nan you are served with your meal. 11:00-14:30, 17:00-21:30.
  • Orion-3. ☎ 0185-55-0428. 〒016-0842 Akita Prefecture, Noshiro, Oiwakemachi, 3−17 MKビル 1F. (map). A tiny cafe located near the Culture Center. This shop offers tasty curry meals and coffee. Their Bikkuri Parfaits are huge!
  • Saki (咲). ☎ 0185-73-2506. 〒018-3102 秋田県, 能代市, 二ツ井町小繋恋沢33-3. (map). A restaurant right along the seven, Saki is a ramen shop at lunch and a western style restaurant by night. The prices are on the higher side, but the flavor and portions are well worth it. 11:00-21:00, closed Tuesdays.


  • Hinata (とまり木ひなた). 〒016-0822 能代市東町2-24. (map). Cool modern bar in the centre of Noshiro with friendly staff. The honey pizza is recommended.
  • July's B (ジュライズビー). ☎ 0185-54-1036. Hidden in the backstreets off of Yanagimachi.. 〒016-0824 秋田県能代市、住吉町1−18. (map). Very classy and high quality cocktail bar that also does a small selection of Italian foods. The master here ran a cocktail bar in Tokyo before coming to set up in Noshiro. 18:00-22:00.
  • Bamboo House (バンブーハウス). website. ☎ 0185-55-3777. 〒016-0825 秋田県能代市柳町8-5. (map). Karaoke bar with several rooms and a decent repertoire. Recommended. 11:00-02:00.
  • Hustler (ハスラー). ☎ 0185-54-5905. 〒016-0825 秋田県能代市柳町10−7. (map). Late night bar that has a pool table and darts, as well as the obligatory karaoke. 22:00-until late.
  • Mushroom (マッシュルーム). ☎ 0185-55-3915. 〒016-0825秋田県能代市柳町9-37. (map). Tiny little family run bar with karaoke. Super friendly and always a fun time. 22:00-until late.
  • Totoya (焼き鳥ダイニングととや). ☎ 0185-88-8550. 秋田県 能代市 南元町 2-35. (map). A small bar seemingly run by one guy. The yakitori is very delicious, but a bit small. The best description for Totoya is nostalgia; the room is plastered with things that are nostalgic for the Japanese. Big standouts are things like Doraemon and the original Gundam. There are two arcade cabinets that might be out of order, and a famicom and super famicom that you can play. 18:00-23:30 closed Sunday.


  • Yurakunoshuku Noshiro (湯らくの宿のしろ). website. ☎ 185-54-2121. 〒016-0014 秋田県能代市落合字亀谷地1-11. (map). ¥400 Male and female baths change daily and are different. Also has a stone sauna (facility where one rests on towels laid on a slab of heated natural rock). 7:00-22:00.
  • Noshiro Yamamoto Sports Resort Center Arinas (能代山本スポーツリゾートセンター アリナス). website. ☎ 0185-54-9200. 〒016-0014 秋田県能代市落合字下台2番地1. (map). ¥300 More simply known as "Arinas", this is the sports centre for the area. Onsen has one bath and a sauna room. Facility includes a training room, large gymnasium, indoor running track and swimming pool.
  • Funasawa Onsen (船沢温泉). ☎ 0185-54-4838. 〒016-0179 秋田県能代市浅内字船沢73-125. (map). Email:


  • Takeda Kikū-ya Okiname (武田桔梗屋翁飴本舗). website. ☎ 0185-52-5853. 〒016-0821 秋田県能代市畠町6−8. (map). Headquarters of the famous Noshiro confectionary, Okiname (翁飴). Founded in 1592, every year Okiname is given to the Emperor of Japan. Production techniques mean mass production is not possible, and as it is a popular gift it can be very difficult to get at the end of the year. 09:00-18:30. Closed on Sundays.
  • Noshiro Woodwork Market (のしろ木工品市場). website. ☎ 0185-88-8592. 〒016-0831 秋田県能代市元町5−16. (map). Fantastically friendly shop that makes wood products made from local timber. Perfect place to come for genuine mementos of Noshiro. 10:00-18:00.
  • Bike Shop Oga (自転車のおが). website. ☎ 0185-52-5574. 〒016-0825 秋田県能代市柳町6−14. (map). Sells the standard mamachari style bikes (with a wide selection of colours), as well as many types of high end and specialist bikes. Don't be confused by the name of the shop; it is in central Noshiro on Yanagimachi. Also does repairs and maintenance. Open until 7pm most days.
  • Asahi Gakki (アサヒ楽器). website. ☎ 0185-52-2275. 〒016-0821 秋田県能代市畠町9−3. (map). Music shop that sells instruments, equipment, sheet music. There is also a music studio that you can rent by the hour. Studio includes a drum kit, piano, and amps. Book ahead to turn it up to eleven. 09:00-18:00.
  • Tenyō Sake Ten (天洋酒店). website. ☎ 0185-52-3722. 〒016-0824 秋田県能代市住吉町9−22. (map). Noshiro's finest Sake shop. The owner, Mr Asano, is generous and will offer you a taster of just about everything in store before you buy. Open until 7pm.
  • Smoker's House (スモーカーズハウス). ☎ 0185-52-6620. On the 101 opposite Second Street.. 〒016-0862 秋田県能代市寿域長根26−7. (map). A Tobacco and Liquor shop that also has a small selection of cigars.
  • Uniqlo (ユニクロ). ☎ 0185-89-2536. At the Across Shopping Plaza on the edge of Noshiro. ユニクロ 秋田アクロス能代店. (map). Famous clothing retailer with a selection of mostly casual clothes for both men and women 10am-8pm.
  • Tokyo Shoe Outlet Center (東京靴流通センター). website. ☎ 0185-89-1112. At the Across Shopping Plaza next to Daiso. 〒016-0188 秋田県能代市寺向87 アクロス能代内. (map). A large shoe department store with a large selection of shoes and boots for men and women. The place to come for everything from snow boots, to shoes to sports shoes. Even has some larger western sizes and at reasonable prices. 10am-8pm.
  • Takeda Sports (タケダスポーツ). website. ☎ 0185-52-5201. 〒016-0855 秋田県能代市西大瀬30−3. (map). The nationwide sports store 10:00-20:00.
  • AEON (イオン). ☎ 0185-55-2355. 〒016-0825 秋田県能代市柳町11−1. (map). Multi storey department store that includes a supermarket on the ground floor. Formerly Justco, and often still referred to as such.
  • Second Street (セカンドストリート). website. ☎ 0185-54-7771. 016-0872 5-1 Shidōmori, Noshiro-shi, Akita-ken 016-0872. (map). The national chain of used shops that buys and sells clothes, furniture, musical instruments, white goods, and much more. 10:00-20:00.
  • Itoku (イトク ). There are three Itokus in Noshiro. All three are grocery stores. The Itoku in Across has a small arcade and clothing. The Itoku near the Aeon Department Store has a second floor Daiso and a smaller arcade. The third Itoku, the one in between the two, is very new and features a wider variety and some hard to find foods like taco ingredients.
  • Tsutaya (ツタや). ☎ 0185-54-6996. 字芝童森5−1. (map).  Tsutaya is a national chain. They sell books, stationary goods, and entertainment goods like CDs, DVDs, and Video Games. They also have a rental service.
  • Book Off (ブックオフ). ☎ 0185-89-7060. 〒016-0872, 秋田県能代市字芝童森4−3. (map). Used-book store selling (& buying) literary titles to comics & magazines, plus DVDs, CDs & games
  • Chinda (チンダ). website. ☎ 0185-55-0550. 〒016-0816 秋田県能代市富町15-15詳細位置. (map). A used store, specializing in video games and Magic the Gathering. The store is filled with old SNES games, and sells Magic The Gathering goods for great prices. There is a small number of other goods like traditional board games and books. They do not hold the events typical of a trading card store.
  • Homac (DCMホーマッく). ☎ 0185-54-2641. 〒016-0855 秋田県能代市西大瀬、字西大瀬18-1. (map).


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