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Ikawa in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area47.95 km²
Population5,363 (as of 2012-04-01)
TreeBlack Pine (クロマツ)
FlowerSakura (サクラ)
BirdCopper Pheasant (ヤマドリ)
Town emblem
Town Hall
Address〒018-1512 秋田県南秋田郡井川町北川尻字海老沢樋ノ口78-1
Telephone☎ 018-875-5800

Ikawa (井川町; -machi) is a town located in the Minamiakita District of Akita.


Ikawa has a nice park located off of highway 7 which includes many sakura trees, tennis courts, cricket field, and a large area for barbecues. There are also paths to the shores of Lake Hachiro. Shopping can be done at the Amano superstore off of highway 7 or the Jusco further north.


  • 井川町立井川義務教育学校 new combined school


A short drive away (15-20 minutes) towards Showa (head south on Route 7 past the park in Ikawa, but do not turn left at the Magical Mama and continue straight until you see a yellow restaurant on the right) is a delicious shop called Manmatsu that serves ちゃんぽん (large bowl of soup, noodles, veggies, meat - Japanese dish with Chinese origins). There is also good 105 yen kaiten zushi in nearby Hachirōgata (5 minutes north from Ikawa off the main highway towards Noshiro) and 15-20 minutes south in Tenno. Gojōme also has a number of restaurants, including a Yakitori place, and sushi, and Izakayas - see wiki page.

Ikawa has a few local restaurants, including a couple ramen shops, a yakitori shop, and a sushi shop. A popular ramen shop is located off highway 7 across from the large park. In the large park is a small shop that sells fresh vegetables and also serves as a small restaurant, with very fresh soba. It also has soft cream (including soba soft cream).

There is a Magical Mama which serves various food south of town along the 7. There is also a small and quite inexpensive food court at the Amano superstore to the north. About 5 minutes farther north in Gojōme is a Jusco which has a good kaiten zushi restaurant, a Gusto, an indoor McDonalds, and a food court.

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