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Higashinaruse in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area203.57 km²
Population2,567 (as of 2017-04-01)
TreeSugi (杉)
FlowerLilium auratum (ヤマユリ)
BirdCopper Pheasant (やまどり)
Village emblem
Village Hall
Address〒019-0801 秋田県雄勝郡東成瀬村田子内字仙人下30-1
Telephone☎ 0182-47-2111

Higashinaruse (東成瀬村; -mura) is a village in the south-east of Akita Prefecture, and is, along with Ugo Town, part of Ogachi County. The village has an estimated population of 2,854 and a population density of 14.4 persons/km². The total area is 203.57km².

Festivals and events

  • Higashinaruse Green Music Festival. I believe this event takes place in September.
  • Sennin Shugyo (仙人修行). Held on the first weekend in August. This is a unique event. Identified as "traditional mountain training" this is a weekend of traditional buddhist training, as well as Japanese folk craft, history, and legends. You will fast for 24 hours, make rice thatch sandals, do zazen meditation, waterfall cleansing, and enjoy a cookout and camping. The final stage is a 10km walk which ends with the akataki matsuri.
  • Akataki Matsuri. First Sunday in August. Live entertainment, food, iwana fishing, and more.
  • Masu Fishing Derby. Mid-June. Participants try and hook the biggest iwana from the Naruse river.




  • Aka Waterfall (赤滝). Means red waterfall, the high ph in the water of this water fall turns the rocks a gentle red. This is the sight of the Akataki Matsuri.
  • Tensho Waterfall (天正の滝). The heavnly waterfall. 30 minute hike to the falls itself or your can stop at the midway viewpoint.
  • Fudo Waterfall (不動滝). Immovable waterfall. This is the waterfalls used in the Sennin Shugyo purification. The waters are supposed to quite cold.

Lakes and mountains

  • Oyanagi Numa (大柳沼). Two lakes, upper, and lower. The lower is larger and has boat rentals and a nature path. The upper lake is smaller, but some think more beautiful, especially during fall. There is free parking and campsites with cooking facilities and a campfire area. (Campsite open May 1st-October 31st)
  • Sukawa Lake (須川湖). Larger lake to the south. Acidic water means there is no fish life, but this has caused a low temperature acidic marsh to form 300m to the south of the lake. Campsite with rental tents and stoves. Food prep areas and restroom facilities also available. Boat rentals available upon request. There is also an all purpose field.
  • Mt. Kurikoma (栗駒山). This mountain is shared by Higashinaruse and Ogachi in Akita, Ichinoseki (一関市) in Iwate, and Kuriihara (栗原市) in Miyagi. The mountain forms the centerpiece of the Kurikoma Quasi-National Park and is a popular hiking destination.


  • Sukawa Onsen Kurikoma San Sō (須川温泉 栗駒山荘). ¥600. This onsen is open from April and offers amazing view over the Kirikoma mountains. Homepage
  • Naruse Onsen (なるせ温泉). ¥400. Homepage
  • Yamayuri Onsen (やまゆり温泉). ¥400. Homepage Onsen at Jeunesse Ski Area.

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