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Kazuno City
Kazuno in Akita
Location in Akita
Physical characteristics
Area707.34 km²
Population33,576 (as of 2012-04-01)
TreeJapanese Rowan (ナナカマド)
FlowerSakura (ベニヤマザクラ)
BirdKoe Yoshi Hen (声良鶏)
City emblem
City Hall
Address4-1 Hanawa aza Arata,
Kazuno, Akita 018-5292
(〒018-5292 秋田県
Telephone☎ 0186-30-1111

Kazuno (鹿角市; -shi) is a city in northeast Akita Prefecture

Festivals & events

Dainichido Bugaku "Court dances and Music of Dainichi Temple" January 2nd.

Hanawa Neputa (花輪ねぷた) August 7 (6pm-1am) August 8 (5:30-2am) Map for main event Taiko drumming, burning floats, dancing, fireworks. Japanese schedule of events You can park at Antler (あんとらあ)Map

Oyu Odaiko Festival (大湯大太鼓まつり) August 15th, 7-9pm. At Yutoriland (ゆとりランド) Map

Hanawa Bayashi (花輪ばやし) August 19th (7:50-9pm)and 20th (8:40-9:30pm). Culminates in front of the train station

Kemanai Bon Odori (毛馬内北の盆) August 21st to the 23rd. Different dances from Tohoku are featured each day from 6:30-7:30. Kemanai Bon Odori is performed every night from 7:30-9:30.

Kunizakai Festival (国境祭) First weekend of September(3:30-5,6:50-9:20pm). Features a medley of festivals from the tri-state area (Aomori, Akita, Iwate). Not train accessible, thus less crowded than Noshiro's Onagori medley festival. Camping afterward on the lake is highly recommended. Yearly Schedule in Japanese

All festivals link here

Sightseeing & activities

Towada-Hachimantai National Park (十和田八幡平国立公園) It is believed that the park was made during the 4th century by 40 volcanoes. While the fall leaves and new green of spring are beautiful, Mt. Hachimantai is also known for trees covered with frost in the winter. The park is also home to the third deepest double crater lake in Japan, Lake Towada is located on the border between Akita and Aomori Prefecture.

Antler in Kazuno

"Antler" - Kazuno Tourist Information Center (鹿角観光ふるさと館あんとらあ) A tourist information center with a few small restaurants and shops to buy local goods. The little stall in the front sells peach ice cream made with the northernmost grown peaches in Japan.
秋田県鹿角市花輪字新田町11-4 ☎ 0186-22-0555 http://www.ink.or.jp/~antler/ (Japanese)

Hachimantai Hot Springs On the way to Hachimantai there are numerous hot springs that are open to the public.

Oyu Waterfalls On Route 103 heading toward Lake Towada is the hot spring town of Oyu, where many waterfalls can be found along the road. A waterfall guide is also available. The Oyu hotsprings are also good to visit.

Oyu Stone Circle (大湯環状列石) A dedicated historical site, Oyu Stone Circle dates back to the Jomon period of Japan, which is dated at over 4000 years ago. http://www.ink.or.jp/~oyusc/ (Japanese)

Mine Land Osarizawa (史跡 尾去沢鉱山) Founded in 708 and run by the Nanbu Clan, the materials from this mine have traveled far beyond Akita, such as to Nara for the Daibutsu and even as far as Europe, where it was used for trade. The mine was closed in 1978, but a 1.7km tunnel remains open for visitors (1000 yen per adult). There is also a gift shop, museum, and a small cafe for food that closes earlier than the mine. You can also do some other activities for a small fee such as gold panning, digging through sand for stones, arts and crafts as well as even making kiritanpo. Their Malachite chemical pools are normally closed off to visitors. The area houses old buildings that haven't been used in centuries (and possibly dangerous) but pictures of the era can be seen on in the main visitor areas of the mine. http://www.osarizawa.jp/ (Japanese)

Old Sekizen Sake Store (旧関善酒店主屋) They do a great tour of the place telling about the history of the architecture (more interesting than that sounds), making sake there etc. for 300円. Not too shabby. One of the last standing buildings remaining that tell of Kazuno's older history. http://sekizen.s50.xrea.com/index.html (Japanese)

Yuze Gorge (湯瀬渓谷) Designated as one of the top 30 sites to see in Akita, the road next to the gorge was used many years ago by travelers. The best time to see the fall leaves is mid to late October.

Blueberry Picking just off the "Wide Farming Road" west of the 66th, north of Hiramoto elementary school. In the summer, usually staring in mid-July to some time in August, this place's blueberries are organically grown and really delicious. 500 yen gets you an all you can eat buffet of tasty blueberries that you pick yourself, and you can even take a break and go back for more~approximate google map


  • Sweet Basil near Universe in Kemanai.
  • Heiwaken(平和軒) located in the main shopping street of Hanawa.
  • Ikko (一幸) near the station (Japanese food).
  • Fuuki(ふうき) near the station (Italian food).
  • Pallet on the side street near Akita Ginko (Italian food).
  • Sakura Ramen almost opposite Yamada Denki, right near two pachinko parlours.
  • Hanawa Drive-in next to a small pachinko parlour near the Lawson on the main road heading out towards Hachimantai IC entrance.
  • Hachimantai Drive-in between Hanawa Drive-in and the entrance to the IC in Hachimantai. The best Kimchi ramen ever and cheap too!
  • Another Drive-in Can't remember the exact name, but it's close to the IC entrance in Hachimantai. If you think the interior is pretty disgusting, then you're in the right place! Does a great, gingery, spicy ramen.


Ōyu Onsen-kyō

Ōyu Onsen-kyō Info

  • Yutori Land (ゆとりランド) ¥1,000 before 17:00, ¥600 after. Homepage Rotemburo. Hours: 10:00-21:00. ☎0186-30-4141
  • Hotel Kazuno (ホテル鹿角)
  • Ueno Ryokan (上野旅館) ¥300. Hours: 7:00-21:00. ☎0186-37-2066
  • Yado Hanamikan (宿 花海館) ¥400 before 16:00, ¥500 after. Hours: 7:00-21:00 ☎
  • Keikeian Ashiyu (渓鶏庵 足湯) ¥0
  • Arase Kyōdōyokujō (荒瀬 共同浴場) ¥150 Hours: 6:00-21:00 ☎
  • Izumi Sō (いずみ荘) ¥230 (no soap) Hours: 6:00-22:00 ☎0186-37-2245
  • Ryokan Okabe Sō (旅館 岡部荘) ¥500 Homepage. Rotemburo. Hours: 10:00-15:00 ☎0186-37-2245
  • Ryūmontei Chiba Ryokan (龍門亭 千葉旅館) ¥600 Homepage. Rotemburo. Hours: 13:00-21:00, Sunday only. ☎0186-37-2211
  • Kaminoyu Kyōdōyokujō (上ノ湯 共同浴場) ¥150 (no carpark) Hours: 6:00-21:00 ☎
  • Izumi no Yu (いずみの湯) ¥250 (no soap) Hours: 7:00-21:00 ☎0186-37-2140
  • Shimo no Yu Kyōdōyokujō (下ノ湯 共同浴場) ¥150 Hours: 6:00-21:00 ☎
  • Kawara no Yu Kyōdōyokujō (川原ノ湯 共同浴場) ¥150 (no carpark) Hours: 6:00-21:00 ☎
  • Moto no Yu Ryokan (元の湯旅館) ¥300 Hours: 10:00-22:00 ☎ 0186-37-2031
  • Onyado Mabuchi (御宿 馬ぶち) ¥500 Hours: 12:00-15:00 ☎0186-37-2277

Yuze Onsen-kyō

The Yuze Hotel
  • Yuze Hotel (湯瀬ホテル) ¥1,200 Hours: 10:00-16:00 One of many resorts in the Yuzen Onsen resort area. The hotel offers a great view of the Yuze Gorge, which can be easily hiked during a stay.
    ☎0186-33-2311 〒018-5141 秋田県鹿角市八幡平字湯瀬湯端43 Homepage(Japanese) ‎
  • Nagomi no Yado Hime no Yu (和心の宿 姫の湯) ¥1,200 Homepage Hours: 10:00-20:00 ☎0186-33-2011
  • Hotel Taki no Yu (ホテル滝の湯) ¥300 Homepage Hours: 7:00-21:00 ☎0186-33-2331
  • Tsuru no Yu Hotel (鶴の湯ホテル) ¥400 Homepage Hours: 8:00-20:00 ☎186-33-2021
  • Yuze Onsen Rokusuke Ryokan (湯瀬温泉 六助旅館) ¥300 Hours: 7:00-22:00 ☎0186-33-2324
  • Yuze Fureai Centre (湯瀬ふれあいセンター) ☎0186-33-2119

Hachimantai Onsen-kyō

  • Fukenoyu Onsen (蒸ノ湯温泉) ¥500 Homepage Hours: 8:00-17:00, closed in winter ☎0186-31-2131
  • Goshogake Onsen (後生掛温泉) Adjacent to Goshougake Nature path in Hachimantai. (Map)
    Pretty great old-school onsen, although this means that you're working with hot and cold spigots instead of an actual shower. The premises are full of ambiance, made of wood and mysteriously steamy. Facilities include a mud bath and individual steam boxes, as well as an outdoor bath.
    ☎ 0186-31-2222, ¥400 Hours: 7:00-18:30 ‎Homepage
  • Ōnuma Onsen Hachimantai Lake Inn (大沼温泉八幡平レークイン) ¥400 mixed rotemburo. Homepage Hours: 9:00-20:00 ☎0186-31-2211
  • Hachimantai Kōgen Hotel (八幡平高原ホテル) ¥400 Homepage Hours: 9:00-17:00 ☎0186-31-2011
  • Zenikawa Onsen (銭川温泉) ¥400 Hours: 8:00-16:00 ☎0186-31-2336
  • Hachimantai Green Hotel (八幡平グリーンホテル) ¥500 Homepage Hours: 12:00-18:00 ☎0186-31-2111
  • Hachimantai Onsen Yurara (八幡平温泉ゆらら) ¥500 Hours: 10:00-21:00 ☎0186-31-2288
  • (ペンション キャプテン翼) ☎0186-31-2835
  • Shibari Onsen Moto Yu (志張温泉 元湯) ¥400 Homepage Hours: 9:00-19:00 ☎0186-25-8188


  • Kemanai Nanataki Onsen (毛馬内 七滝温泉) ¥350 Rotemburo. Hours: 6:00-21:00, closed 2nd & 4th Thursday. ☎0186-30-3230
  • Hanawa Yutarō (花輪温泉 ゆたろう) ¥400 Rotemburo. Hours: 6:00-21:00, closed 1st Monday. ☎0186-22-1118
  • Kazuno Training Centre Alpas (鹿角トレーニングセンター アルパス) ¥270 Homepage Hours: 10:00-20:00 ☎0186-23-8000
  • Gonomiya no Yu (五の宮の湯) ¥500 Hinoki bath, rotemburo, sauna.Homepage Hours: 6:00-22:00 ☎0186-32-3300


  • Higashi Toroko Onsen (東トロコ温泉) ¥400 Hours: 9:00-20:00 ☎0186-31-2226
  • Shibari Onsen Hotel (志張温泉ホテル) Closed in 2008.
  • Toroko Onsen (トロコ温泉) Closed
  • Sumikawa Onsen (澄川温泉) Closed after explosion on May 11, 1997.


  • Hana no Machi Dental Clinic (花のまち歯科医院). Location
    Appointment only. Clean, modern equipment and dentist speaks relatively good English.
    Closed: Mondays, 2nd /4th Sunday of month, & national holidays. ☎ 0186-23-6408


High Schools

Junior High Schools

Elementary Schools

Special Education School

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